NY Times’ EPIC Flip-Flop Over China COVID Policy

The New York Times never shies away from an opportunity to crap on China, and when it comes to COVID the Times is perpetually expressing concern for what’s happening in China – whether the country is locking down or easing lockdown restrictions. A recent article is a perfect case in point, tut tutting at the Chinese for the repressive lockdowns imposed on the citizenry, the fearmongering pushed by the government about COVID and, most recently, the government’s struggles to ease lockdowns.

Jimmy and Americans’ comedian Kurt Metzger discuss how the Times accuses the Chinese government of failings the paper itself is guilty of.

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  1. I'm still baffled that people don't understand what vaccines are. So let me try to explain it to you people in the easiest way possible.

    Take a seat belt, it's consider a safety feature and a must in most countries (not surprising to see it's not mandatory in every state of the US). A seat belt will protect you in case of a crash. It won't guarantee you don't get hurt or killed. But putting on your seat belt will not guarantee you will never have an accident :). See people ? Vaccines are not there for you to not catch the virus. Just by definition, you cannot not catch a virus if you don't actively try to avoid it.

    Whether COVID-19 vaccines are efficient or not is an entire other subject, that nobody else than virologists can debate on. Nobody would either debate if dark mater or quantum physic are a thing, I don't understand why people think they could have a saying whether vaccines works or not. You want to have an fact base opinion on vaccines ? Go do 12 years of medicine.

  2. Couple of years but like I said I never understood how you think that big government policy is going to fix corrupt big government policy and also that were capitalists today we have a fascist economic system today and we have ever since the end of World War II it's just gotten worse over time the government picks and choose the losers in winners that is a fascist system not a capitalist system the rules to capitalism from the government is get out of my pocket and leave me the f*** alone that's real capitalism we haven't had that in forever even before me and you were born

  3. Communism only works if Jesus Christ is the leader if not the problem with any Revolution is the people that lead those revolutions usually have nothing to lose the reason why the American Revolution worked is because the people in charge of it had everything to lose and they still did it anyway people with nothing to lose will always rule with an iron fist over those who helped them and cut a deal with those who ignored them

  4. Could someone please talk about lockdown etc defence against COVID versus vaccine defence? If the vaccines work why do we need vaccines, and vie versa? The question applies both to US mRNA vaccines and Chinese old-style vaccines. Or is it not about how to withstand a virus at all?

  5. Not funny Kurt 😒 i had so many vaccines as a child, all i can remember from my very early years, is hospital's and needles, and at the age of about 6 years, i suddenly got Tourette Syndrome, and NO i am NOT shouting foul language, but i have tics, at age 25 they medicated the fuck out of me, on this Thursday, i be 46 and i still support the fuck out of Big Pharma, but some have come off, at my own account, NOT by the doctors, those fucks, my nerve system is damaged, my teeth are almost gone, i woke up a zombie, got a drug addiction, cause i had to, or else i couldn't do anything, now a days, i'm totally on Wild Raw Nature Supplements, became a vegetarian, still smoke weed 🌿 DON'T JUDGE ME DAMMIT, give me a damn break, i have a temper that will go from 1 to life in prison, if i do not smoke, do you really want another serial killer 😂😂😂

    It is what it is
    I said what i said

    – Stay Blessed –
    – Peace –

  6. 2:19 this is the kind of nutcase gaslighting that narcissists do. Everyone should be able to see it's nonsense… but for some reason they manage to create cults of nonsense beliefs. Make it stop please.

  7. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy, when are you going to leave the left (I don’t mean Democrat), I mean the Left. Leftists like you Jimmy want big government and this is what you get when you get big government. Our Founding fathers knew that government power corrupts government officials just like Monarchical power corrupted the English monarchy. That is why they designed the federal government to be small and for the most part weak. When you have a strong central government, you provide incentives for corporate America to try and corrupt it. Corporatism is impossible with a weak central government.

  8. Does Kurt believe that communism worked for the Vietnamese people? While ruled by a Communist party, the country’s success has been directly attributed to switching to a capitalist economy. Maybe he was referring to the remaining lack of free speech or freedom of religion as their success.

  9. Next they will condem China for not using mRNA vac. China is using self made tested and proven inactivated vaccine, that do not require any mRNA pattern.

    Btw, China has nothing to do with you being treated badly by your own government.

  10. Love your work but man, everytime you drop the misnomer 'capitalism' it makes me cringe. Capitalism is literally freedom, what you're referring to when you use the term incorrectly is likely fascism, socialism or more often then not, monopolism. All three of these are inimical to capitalism.

  11. You won't hear this but in China there were so much mass PCR testing that the company that does PCR tests were earning huge amount of profits, they even gave the false positive results, such that those companies even were planning to go to stock market, go public. That's insane. Then there was protest then the government decided no restriction, no lockdowns, no PCR. Now it's hard to find a place to do PCR in China.

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