NYC Announces Immunity For Black Lives Matter Protesters Who Get Arrested, Churches Still Restricted

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  1. To me it’s simple, the government can’t tell you what to do if it infringes on your rights. If I was a business owner, I would have already been open and would not pay the first fine.

  2. "I asked a friend how they thought so many blindly followed MUH HERTLER!"

    Ask yourself why you blindly follow the stories from the victors while encountering the exact same issues they were in Germany.
    don't speak about blindly following. you aren't innocent.

  3. That old guy was up,to something. The way He was holding his phone is the same way covert operatives gather information from digital devices.

  4. You know what I would do if I was standing next to that army guy chanting? I'd be reporting him to his command because taking part in a political protest of any kind can and will get you kicked out

  5. I honestly hope law enforcement doesn’t expect sympathy when they sit idily by with their thumb up their ass while these politicians openly flaunt and brag about infringing the constitution. You want support? Then charge and detain these tyrants. Outside of these actions you are just siding with these awful politicians and an embarrassment to the badge

  6. Now is the time to move on antifaux and blm as well as other agitators and crush them entirely. Sort out whose on our side and whose not.

  7. So terrorist (blm) get off ok no problem but religious goers who’s right should be protected by the constitution aren’t allowed to practice their faith or have their church burned down. Smh

  8. Didn't the Nazi group start off kinda like this movement? Funny how this will increase racism and the democrats already asserted that they own the blacks with that kneel stunt and african cloth.

  9. I think violent mob is a reason we should legalize machine guns. Citizen's rights might be impinged by 200 in a mob. Self defence should not be populist, it should be belt fed!

  10. What do I think it means for our armed forces? Well Tim, as an MP Veteran, I believe it means that Troop is risking arrest and court martial under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and this point is made abundantly clear to each and every soldier, sailor, airman and marine, repeatedly throughout their military service.