NYC Declares First Amendment SUSPENDED, DeBlasio Says Protests Will NOT Be Allowed

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Written by Timcast

Tim Pool opinions and commentary channel


  1. Thank you Tim. You made a VERY key point that most Americans still do not get, especially the left. Our founding fathers created the `Bill Of Rights' to outline the "RIGHTS" as such because they viewed them as `GOD' given natural rights merely "recognized" by them and hence our constitution as such. The anti-religion, correction anti-Christian, leftists still believe and teach, through our public indoctrination system (schools), that these are merely amendments and part of a living liquid document intended to be changed with the winds and tides. They see them as privileges they "allow" us to have with the prerogative to take it all away if they see fit.

    The fact is most people, even native born Americans, are not at all fit to be free men. They are prone to the sheeple mentality that will favor false security over freedom and therefor welcome this tyrannical attitude from those that will promise to take care of them. There are plenty of countries for people like that, but we need one place on this planet for those that want to be free and accept the price and risks that come with that. This is the only place left for us. There are no new lands to discover and claim as home. We must stand our ground and keep what our founding fathers created for us. We have failed so much in this regard but we can and must save it while we can.

  2. So be a patriot and remove the nut from office….but remember who voted for him. Take them to court constantly.

  3. New Yorkers, now you know why they made guns so hard for you to get. Right about now is when you grow the spines necessary to rise up against your censors. Your second amendment was made to protect your first.

  4. What the fuck? If the government is allowed to just "suspend" constitutional amendments whenever it's convenient for them, why do we even have a constitution in the first place? This is just fascism.

  5. Socialism and communism. And most citizens will now say “ah ok.” Notice these blue governor states have been implementing stricter laws week by week (instead of months ago)?!?!? It’s because they wanted to do baby steps to see if their sheep citizens would just say OK to every stricter rule! It’s happening here in PA with Wolf! Ie: if you take 1 Skittle a day from a jar, no one notices til the jar is half empty… but if you take half the jar in one shot, it’s noticeable

  6. It’s the states run by Democrat governors that are enacting these strict fascist type rules! That’s why Trump gave governors their own say. So the citizens can finally wake up to see if their governor is for them or against them.

  7. Shame they allowed the 2nd amendment to be fooked.
    There's a saying "The second amendment is there to back up the first."

  8. Sue every cop, mayor, governor that carries out this illegal order. Film everything and live stream it and tell them you are going to sue them if they violate your rights. Repeat it again and again tell them they will lose everything they own. They will personally lose their homes, bank accounts, pentions, cars and anything of value that a judgemnt lean can be attached to after you win in civil court. They will be broke and justifiably so. U S Constitution and the Bill of Rights are still the higest law in the land, so never give them up. Never!

  9. I love how the “But it worked to reduce crime!” argument is used to validate Stop-and-Frisk. We could basically eliminate ALL CRIME if we locked every American in a cell for 24 hrs a day, but doesn’t mean it’s acceptable!!! Freedom is risky. It’s supposed to be!

  10. I know lots of people might say it as a joke, but that actually is completely illegal and unconstitutional. They can ignore it as he cannot do that.

  11. It's pretty common for law enforcement to break their oath, especially in big cities such as NYC, LA, San Francisco, etc. They work for the politicians all for the kick back, promotions and special privileges they get. Effectively the same as the Chinese communists.

  12. In combat sports (think UFC, boxing, etc) there's a saying, "a champ that hasn't defended his belt isn't really champ yet". Same is true for USA in terms of liberty. When was the last time we defended our liberty against a significant threat? A few generations. Are we still champ or are we about to learn modern Americans can't defend the title anymore?

  13. When you mentioned the protests in Indianapolis that is for the shooting of Sean Reed.
    Sean Reed was armed and shot at police.
    This is just to clarify what happened in that incident.

  14. New York is run by Constitutional hating Tyrants. The Politicians and Police take an oath to uphold our Constitution yet they Push Illegal Firearms laws. Every Blue state is the same, Illegal Firearms laws that directly violate the Constitution and Bill of Rights.