NYC First Responders PROTEST Vax Mandate. DeSantis Offers Police $5000 To Move To FL, Jabbed Or Not

Team Rising discusses Governor Ron DeSantis’s initiative to entice unvaccinated public servants to relocate to Florida.

Virus Outbreak Vaccine Mandate NYC Thumbnail image courtesy of Associated Press/Timothy Fadek | Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Thumbnail image courtesy of Associated Press/Marta Lavandier

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  1. Hello The Hill! Start reading the comment section and see just how fast you’re going “DOWNHILL!” This channel used to be more “unbiased” but no longer, you only pretend and bring on common sense guest here and there. So glad I “unsubscribed”, I only come on here to see every now and then what propaganda your spewing.

  2. Every time someone endorses the mandate just make sure they are comfortable with asking people to get vaccinated every 6 months for the rest of their lives, to be vaccinated by mandate from Trump or someone worse, to compromise your natural immune system despite all evidence pointing to natural immunity being superior to vaccine. Why is this so hard to understand that coercion isn't acceptable and force is reprehensible and no matter how right they think they are their morality stops where mine begins.

  3. People need to stop saying the vaccines are “approved.” They are only AUTHORIZED under the emergency use authorization.
    (Try finding the approved Pfizer “commirnaty” shot… bet you can’t!)

  4. Are you a citizen who has the right to choose what goes in your body?
    Should I expect you to run into a burning building and attempt to rescue someone you don't know?
    When do public servants cease being citizens on par with you?
    If any are to have rights respected, all must have rights respected.

  5. Top scientists stand on both sides of the isle on this issue.
    Thing is unless antidotes were being developed alongside the pathogen's development, the scientists and doctors in opposition have the time, the trials and reasonable information to evaluate the safety or the efficacy of these shots, on their side.
    It takes years to satisfy the forementioned questions.
    Plus, but not for the definition being changed there exists no basis for calling it a vaccine.
    Don't just try to sound astute. Think!

  6. Who are they we who have learned a lot about this 'disease' as it has progressed?
    The media's scripts are authorized before being presented as governmental propaganda which, I believe most of you have bought into.

  7. I'm in Florida and DeSantis has made Floridians happy. Shoot I'm Happy. Im originally from Cali and to see so many people and SBs get reckt there is tragic. This Sarah person is delusional and reckless… she is a puppet for someone else. W/O corruption Dems are not going to win in FL.

  8. The police covid death rate stat is meaningless without comparison to other professions, similar age range, health and fitness levels, etc. And not allowing regular testing as alternatve to vaxxing can only mean its all about the vax not about health or livelihood at all. Same as the narrow focus on covid for 2 yrs at expense of health. They could care less about your health.

  9. CNN's police/Covid statistics are misleading. Relatively few police officers are killed in the line of duty, so it's unsurprising that Covid-19 killed a multiple of that number.

  10. The tragedy they're talking about is 145[*] LEOs died from or with Covid19 in 2020 — 145 out of almost one million LEOs.
    ▪︎ Note not one of these people mentioned the actual number itself.
    [* According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF), 264 federal, state, military, tribal, and local law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty in 2020 — an increase of 96% from 2019 and the highest number since 1974 — 145 of those deaths are attributed to COVID-19.

  11. [4:42] Sarah Riggs Amico surely knows that vaccinated people shed the virus at the same rate as unvaccinated people. The value of the vaccine is it can lessen the severity of the Covid symptoms, not that it prevents you from infection or from shedding the virus to others. The premise of her argument is untrue.
    If the case for the vaccine is so strong, why must she lie about it?

  12. [9:16] Sarah Riggs Amico has an obvious propensity to lie. Florida has among the best overall Covid statistics — and better than those of California, the state with the most rigid lockdown and vaccine mandates.

  13. So they tell u that it won't stop u from getting or spreading it so how is a non vaxed first responder more likely to spread it. And the hospitals ain't over ran with vaxed patients?? Idk where she is but here in MO
    The Most ppl in the hospital according to my brother who works at the Kansas University says it's mostly vaxed ppl there

  14. Ms. Riggs Seems to want it both ways: The deaths of unvaccinated workers are "needless deaths", And yet she is worried that unvaccinated 1st responders will give the vaccinated the illness. So does the vaccination work or not? As Steely Dan might say this seems to be pretzel logic. It appears that the vaccinated can catch this disease and spread it, Though allegedly the most deleterious repercussions percussions are avoided people still die who are vaccinated…no guarantees And yet the government wants to invade our bodies, And is willing to take away our livelihoods and freedom if if we do not yield to their dictates.

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