NYC Goes Full Fascism, Will Require Vaccine Passports for Basic Indoor Activities

How does Deblasio even know cases will be at a high level come mid September?:


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#Vaccines #NewYorkCity


  1. They are trying to implement Agenda 30. This crap will go on forever unless people wise up and rise up. Tyranny must be resisted and crushed. It's you or them…. and they ARE after you.

  2. I will give you this you racist phony boogaloo boy..
    Your comment section is quite consistently sucking your testicles.
    Almost everybody in here is an incel libertarian douche.

  3. Nobody is re electing these clowns! If any investigation was done, I'm sure you'd find out that all of the same fraud with machines ballots etc has been going on all along. They just got caught because they looked into the national election. Let's audit the state elections and I'd bet it would be a horror show..

  4. I'm not kidding I'm at a campsite and I heard people watching this exact video super loud. And I got all excited like "hell yeah! Styxhexenhammer!"

  5. They used Covid as a means to not only cheat the Presidential Election but also a means of transferring wealth from the middle class to their billionaire friends. They're not going to let this go, they've gotten the excuse they've been begging for. Don't be surprised when, not if, they increase Delta talk, especially as the Midterm Elections get closer

  6. They can't prevent or are unwilling to enforce laws regarding shoplifting and looting but they are going to enforce this? Tell me another bedtime story Bill you bloated enormous gas bag!!!

  7. Our damned education system forgot to educate. Anytime s government uses private sector to manipulate citizens without law in order to discriminate-e we have s problem!!!

  8. Damn. I’m starting to think the population here in US is entirely too docile to ever do anything. We are literally witnessing the collapse of the United States and everyone just sitting around with loads of excuses as to why they can’t change anything.

  9. Can you explain the symbols invoked in the classical “the hermit” tarot card.
    I had always understood the original tarot cards were meant to secret tell how the Pope caused a mass annihilation of the knights Templar on Friday the 13th during the Middle Ages.

  10. Private businesses can do what they want? Unless they are conservative and won't preform abortions, do same sex marriages, bake cakes, or let grown men in girls bathrooms!

  11. Wow the governor of NY just doesn't know what the word consent means does he? The people should just tell him to take a hike and go on as normal, because there is no way they can enforce this legally.

  12. Its not making it illegal to engage in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Its just making it illegal to engage in the pursuit of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness indoors.