NYC Is DONE. They Just DECRIMINALIZED Armed Robbery On Week 1 With New Mayor. CRAZY.


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  1. I’m sorry, but the people of New York literally WANT THIS, as their voting patterns clearly demonstrate that they LIKE the crime and the reckless violence.
    Let New Yorkers suffer the full consequences of their own choices, because that’s what they need and why they deserve, period.

  2. Oh my god …democrats r evil and they have played ….black Americans…. yet again
    There goal is Venezuela…they r Marxist scum…. w big money and lies

    "But Trump! was mean to poeple and women…. in his tweets"
    It was "mortally" appropriate to get rid of him…..this is much better now…. aoc and crime…it's better …right…
    I mean for my kids….right !
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  3. Well, jail is meant to be a dust bin for criminals, so the society can live in peace. Is she on drugs or just stupid, or a product of gender studies nonsenses? She is like all the villain mayors in movies, who refuses to punish crime and is the main reason for crime in Gotham.

  4. NYC is going to be worse under Eric Adams than De Blasio, marks my words. I was hoping Curtis Sliwa would win, but hey, you vote stupid, you get stupid, stupid prizes that is. Here's hoping the rest of New York will vote for Lee Zeldin come November.

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