NYC Pushes Indoor Mask Advisory For All

Omicron is raging across the globe, and New York City is responding by directing residents and visitors to wear masks while indoors. Do these recommendations have any impact on stopping the spread of COVID, especially considering that many people choose to wear ineffective surgical masks rather than N95s?

Jimmy and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the ongoing debate over masks, and whether Fauci was right when he was lying or when he wasn’t lying.

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  1. I work in a cleanroom manufacturing fab. Masks barely work…A full gasmask with replaceable filter is the only kind of mask that protects against disease. Still depending on your choice of filter. Your face has to seal around the mask…if your mask doesn't seal to your face it doesn't work.

  2. They're using the flu to distract people from what they're doing with this great reset bullshit. That's how it looks. Becuase let's face it, the flu was never this big of an issue before.

  3. I'm not vaccinated. I haven't been sick in years. The fact that they wanted to mandate vaccines threw up a number of red flags to me. No confidence at all in the "Authority, the CDC, WHO, the U.S. Government or main stream media. They all lie to benefit their donors, like Lockheed-martin and Pfizer. The answer you are looking for is; Control.

  4. Masks don't stop covid, they never did. Even a N95 masks will categorically not stop a covid virion. Latest studies of covid have shown that it is expelled from the lungs of monkeys as an aerosol and at the size it is expelled a mask (even N95) cannot stop it. Masks are only effective at stopping visible sizes particles. The definition of a mask is a "particle accumulator" and a covid virion is not a particle but a virion/aerosol. The doctors (quacks) that recommend that masks are used must be punished for their misinformation campaign. The actual experts are called industrial hygienists and a quick search on youtube should show you at least 2 that have prepared videos on this subject. The masks won't stop the common cold or influenza, which is why there was never an attempt to force people to wear them before. The science of this is 50 years old and hasn't changed. The "wet particle" study is in err and a good doctor would have recognised that there was no control group in said study.

  5. Is there any proof that N95 masks make a significant difference? They didn't in the famous Danish study. They will slow down the inhalation of a certain critical viral load but if the exposure time is long enough you will eventually get infected.

  6. Jimmy, I am 70 and unvaxed and I had omicrom six months ago and followed up my recovery with a chinese detox and acupunsture – never had it since, and I am totally careless – travelled twice all through Spain in crowded places unmasked – its all about your immunity, baby and if you were unvaxed and have recovered and take care of yourself you have the best immunity going.

  7. Correction: N95s aren't even classified as masks. Per OSHA, they are respirators. Masks of any type, by definition, can't be sealed, and are categorically ineffective at stopping tiny particulates, let alone viruses.

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