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Written by Louis Rossmann


  1. Foolish me, I thought real estate prices were set by sellers and buyers. Rossmann with just an internet connection can determine what the pricing should be. He should stick to something he knows, Apple repair, leasing a few small spaces hardly makes one an expert on Manhattan commercial real estate.

  2. For those kind of rents, can't you just buy a store in the suburbs and concentrate on mail order? Would be glad to see you join the exodus from the big cities to the I-65 corridor from Nashville TN to Huntsville AL. It is booming. But I would miss your entertaining videos of NYC. Thank you for your videos. You are showing me things I would otherwise never see.

    Greetings from a teacher and retired CPA in Alabama.

  3. Louis, what are your thoughts on Yang running for NYC mayor? My apologies if you mention it later in the video, asking this in the first few minutes.

  4. New cars, clothes, food, gas, construction materials, taxes, basically everything is more expensive than before… Apple, for instance, would rather keep their inventory than give anyone a discount; BMW and such would do the same; maybe some perishables would sell at a discount to recover some money but the thing is that these properties won't lose their value and they rather have them empty than letting a tenant use them at a lower price so when he leaves, leaves you the remodeling bill. And just like the stock market, the economy will bounce back slowly…

  5. I don’t see a problem here. Everything seems fine! Gotta look at how they are seeing it.

    If they get rid of all the shops and crash the local economy everyone will start paying less by shopping online. That would free up money for people to pay on rent so they can jack that up. It’s a long con

  6. Seems like they would rather price it to not sell and write off 100% of the loss, rather than price it reasonable and make a little profit… They should be reported to irs

  7. Here in Athens,Greece the chinese are buying old buildings (60's,70's etc) because you get a European Union Golden Visa for 5 years you and your family if you buy property above 200.000€ in Greece.Same in Cyprus and Malta

  8. $60,000/mo for a place that's about 65% my current shop …


    … accross from the New York City Public Library…"

    Spelling is priceless at this rate.

  9. For that price, in Serbia, you can buy really nice house.
    Many Americans have moved to Serbia due to no Covid travel restrictions and direct flight from New York.

  10. 5-7 grand a month for 600 square feet? You could literally buy a trailer and set up some where for less. That's what I'd do. Find some cheap land somewhere close to New-York city, buy a trailer to put on it and turn that into your computer repair business. The only thing you'd maybe have to do is upgrade your circuit breaker. didn't you say most of your business is people shipping stuff to you? If so then there really is no downside. I would say cheap land inside NYC, but I doubt you'd find that. Maybe on the outskirts of the city?

    Either way, if you got that kind of money to start a business, you could afford to set up somewhere outside of NYC. I'm just not sure who they are trying to entice with these prices.

  11. Are we post covid already? I thought they just released a new version that we aren't even testing for yet. Or did I imagine that whole super contagious European strain stories they published?