NYC Unemployment Levels Reach Highest In Country As Tourists And Workers Don’t Want To Be There

Guest: Louis Rossmann
@Louis Rossmann (YouTube)
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  1. The next phase of work from home will be the corporations offshoring all the remote jobs to low wage countries. Why would they continue to pay you western wages to work from your comfy home when they can pay 3$/hr with no benefits no social security contribution and no taxes. They already offshored 90% of manufacturing to make a quick buck and now they are coming for the mid level office workers so guess what folks? your office is the next "factory" moving to China / India. They will because they can. It is no different than autoparts and in many ways it's much easier. They all have high speed internet and computers now too.

  2. several time's that's nothing try everyday and suddenly that luck's gone and that's blood pooling on the ground wait it's your's take's one junkie to end you.

  3. Is Tim serious? He clearly doesn't understand how mortgages, finance, collateral work….he spends all day screaming RECCESSION, DOOM, but doesnt have a single idea how all that comes around.

  4. It's so brain dead this wfh movement – where it's fully applicable it's so rare. Where it's being trialled the vast majority of businesses are finding that it doesn't work. You cannot migrate an office infrastructure or security to the home – and when you can you cannot cover the other sizeable issues of not having people in front of you to manage. Things start falling apart pretty fast. Wfh excuses are endless are unknowable: internet is down, power is out, printer not working etc etc – it's such a limited application that it will revolutionise nothing.

  5. Just listen to this DemonRat Libtard c0cksucker. DURRRRR I dont think crime is the problem DUUUURRRR. Yeah, because not being able to walk one block without having ur life put at risk has NOTHING to do with the mass exodus of NY. GIVE ME A F*CKING BREAK!

  6. I'd not commuted to NYC since 2018 prior to meeting a couple of friends midtown earlier this week. I was startled by the overall filth & pervasive aroma of marijuana + urine, storefront vacancies with for rent signs, increased level of street peddlers, homeless and the cost of an egg salad sandwich & espresso in Starbucks. Who, if given a viable choice, would wish to live in Manhattan? Both of my daughters lived in the city for years before relocating to NJ & Brooklyn. I also noticed a stark difference between midtown and the Prospect park section of Brooklyn regarding all I'd denoted save the aroma, as it was solely marijuana.

  7. It’s what they voted for. Unemployment and random sexual assaults at subway stations are clearly what they want. May as well go full 70s NYC, and reopen all the peep shows and grindhouse theaters. I might actually have a reason to go.

  8. They goal is toe literally burn NYC down so they can rebuild it to be like Shang Hai and buy up land cheap. It will be one of several megacities they will force us to live in. Its all spelled out in their plans. That is why they are going to seize all family farms and food production and make private home ownership illegal by 2030 just 9 years away.
    We will all watch on tv in horror as skyscrapers are burning and we will be told the reason but it will all be a lie. its all planned.

  9. Why would I want to go to a gross high crime city that required vaccine passports? No thanks. I will boycott any city who pusher that bs for as long as I can. This is what happens when you vote blue no matter who. All these blue cities are crap holes and they just keep voting for the same aholes doing it to them lol…

  10. A lot of independent truckers in the US are set up as contractors, and they got hammered by the anti-contracting law in California as well. The truckers are actually fine, because there was already a shortage of truckers so they don't really care about less work in California, but California is having problems because they can't get enough truckers to move all the goods being imported through California ports.

  11. Used to live in NY (not NYC, I was from Albany) and it doesn't surprise me. Lockdowns, mask mandates, and vax pass has DESTROYED NY and NYC. Hell so many people are fleeing the city that we were able to sell our home for WAY more than we initially thought and because of that we basically got a one for one trade

  12. The silly part is these companies will save tons of money off rent by work at home programs. But they will put up a fight against it because of the addiction to power, and over wanting to be able to dominate people in their face.

    These new rules about contracts for employees aren't necessary. There's already ways to work around that. For example, you can say someone is contracted but that they are a sub-company or another company. The new rules will only cause trouble. You can say someone is in house, or outside of that. They are just creating new slavery techniques.

  13. I love your guest. Hes the guy fighting with the courts to make it so people can have access to the materials and legal right to fix the electronics they bought.

    Sounds simple but apple has a stranglehold on scamming people with "repairs"

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