NYPD Admits The System Is IMPLODING As Crime Skyrockets, Fake News is BACKFIRING And Helping Trump

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  1. The police have become increasingly militant. And the police unions have gone way to far in protecting bad cops. It’s everyone’s best interested to have police, but there needs to be decreased militarization and increased over watching.

  2. There's mountains of psychological research that supports the fact that people are extremely susceptible to authority figures. If who they perceive as an authority figure tells them something, they are likely going to believe it, no matter what it is. What happens when all the authority figures collectively spout the same lies together? You get masses of people assuming it's the truth.

    No one is pulling the strings to hate cops?
    No one's motivating people. Watch this to see that the police are one of dominos that has to fall, to continue their agenda of destabilization.
    BLM has gone corporate, it's appearing in marketing everywhere, while the police are portrayed as the criminals. The ppeople pulling the strings don't even care about Black lives, they only care about the agenda.
    Look and pay close attention about what he says about police.

  4. Does the MSM ever even mention the biggest killer of young African Americans?

    Will they ever talk about Chicago or similar cities regarding this problem?

    I don't think so.

    YouTube itself is busy nuking any comment or channel that talks about this critically.

  5. We conservatives avoid being rude and confrontational. We don't make the rants and the riots and so people assume that there aren't very many of us and that even if there are we don't care enough to fight for what we think is right. These are the questions that are right there in front of all of us and they are becoming harder to avoid considering with each passing day. As it becomes clearer that neither government nor law enforcement can be counted on to protect us we have to consider whether we will protect ourselves. We are watching a big game-changer unfold. Every bit of political correctness disappears in times of civil unrest when you feel that your life and the life of your loved ones depends on the decisions that you make.

  6. Tim, I work 3 blocks from Jefferson and 5th in Louisville KY. We were just notified there is an active shooter loose downtown and a 22 year old black man is dead. No suspects.

  7. 98-99% of ? police officers are professional & exceptionally competent individuals who do a great job keeping society stable.

  8. Good thing they released criminals out of prison to save them from covid. Obviously they know masks work or they wouldn't have released them in the first place

  9. … Police believe many shootings of the shootings are being carried out by people who are either out on parole or have open cases..

    Learn to grammar, Daily Mail.

  10. Someone like George Soros has to be paying these Anarchists or they would not show up day after day for over 2 months. If we don’t have an election where the results are guaranteed to be legitimate we will have a Civil war. No doubt. The anger will be so intense that It will be War.

  11. 73% of boys on the plantation
    (democratic inner cities) do not learn to read and grew up in a fatherless homes creating an ungovernable hood.The police & the black & other poor kids are all victoms of the dem.politicians#!$@%€£&#!$@