NYPD Keeps Rearresting Convicts Released Over COVID Then FREES Them, Meanwhile Mass Protests IGNORED

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  1. Wow. I lived through the cold war and saw our victory. I see this now, and realize we actually lost. The liberal movement has done so much more collateral damage to our country than anything the Russians, physically, could ever do.

  2. U release all prisoners and close the jails.. then u tell the police that if a black man hurt himself while u arrest him ur fired and lose ur pension! How could such a policy possibly go wrong?!?! I dont understand?? Isnt 2+2=7.89 ?

  3. As Americans, there IS something we can all do to fight back. First, read this, then copy it, and pass it along either in full or in sampled/paraphrased form. Join the counter-revolution: VOTE AGAINST EVERY DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE ON EVERY BALLOT IN EVERY ELECTION (or at least, do not give your vote to any Democrat), for the foreseeable future.

    Until that party has reformed, and no longer feeds these social ills, it must be punished at the ballot box.
    The Democratic Party have been on display incessantly for four years demonstrating that they have zero concern for the rule of law, due process, honesty, ethics, individual rights, or the welfare of the country as a whole. That parties support for the recent insurrections, purges and repression are just the latest chapters in a multi-volume tale of that parties malice toward America.

    There is no excuse at this point: if you vote Democrat this election cycle, NO MATTER WHOM THAT CANDIDATE IS AT THIS POINT, and no matter which race (Congressional, Presidential, or Local), you are in fact, acting to further forces which seek to destroy the United States of America; in sum a TRAITOR.
    I am not a partisan person. I detest partisanship. I voted for W. Clinton and I even voted for Obama (once). Prior to 2010, I had not yet awoken to the long history of destructive anti-Americanism in the Democratic Party and of course, a nation without an opposition party is certainly NOT an acceptable option. However, at this point, the facts of the corruption and malice of the party are simply too stark and undeniable. The Democratic Party must be harmed so badly at the ballot box that it is FORCED to either reform or splinter and give rise to new parties.

    My convictions have to do with the preservation of America’s core values and founding principles. The Democratic Party has demonstrated during the past four years that they care NOTHING for America, or the preservation of its core values and founding principles. We need them to suffer at the ballot box like never before, and slink away in defeat and reconsider their self-destructive agenda, reform, or split off a new party that doesn't rest on the destruction of core American values as its primary means to exert its influence.

    I'm talking about the efforts by the Democratic party to overthrow the results of the 2016 election by myriad means, all of them duplicitous and unethical if not also illegal. I'm talking about a party which cares more about its grip on power than on the core values and principles which are the bedrock of our American society. I'm talking about a movement intent on denying Americans civil rights under guise, progressive values or political correctness. I'm talking about Communist totalitarian values disguised as benign social welfare and intended as a means to pander to the disadvantaged. I'm talking about a scheme to shift the demographics of as many states as possible so as to reconfigure the distribution of seats in the House and "rig" legislative processes for generations. I'm talking about a party which regards minorities as either useful idiots who can be bought with bread and circuses, or (even worse) actually believes the nonsense about them being deficient, incapable individuals in need of extra protection from the Nanny State on which so much of their rhetoric hinges. That is what I'm talking about for starters, but it certainly is not the full extent of the un-American, traitorous, despicable, egregiously malicious agendas, behaviors and habits of the so-called Democratic party by far.

    A party in complete disarray, lacking any coherent unifying concepts beyond wanting power and various loose conceptions of "social justice" and " progressiveness," which are generally euphemisms for totalitarian moralism. A party which may, at any time, be ripped into pieces by the internecine forces it is attempting to harness for a common purpose. A party so disconnected from the concepts of democracy, rule of law, human rights, justice, fairness, common sense, honesty, patriotism, community and the Constitution that large segments of its moderate members are losing their stomach for it, while its various flavors of radical members attempt to tear the thing in a half-dozen different directions like they are Drawing and Quartering it.

    A party which has effectively been striving to destroy the United States of America.

    A full accounting of the wrongs they have engaged in these past 4 years, nay, these past 40 years would fill volumes. Their support and encouragement for the oppressive pandemic lock-down policies and the insurrections are only the latest chapter in that parties long list of wrongs against our society. If you are not familiar with, or deny these patterns of behavior in the so-called Democratic party these past few years, then you are either delusional, mentally incapacitated, or part of the problem.

  4. They let all those idiots go out and riot and Loot, hoping there will be a huge spike in Coronavirus. Then they will blame it on the businesses reopening and shut everything down again

  5. both parties are making bets they claim to be safe:
    – In a fair playfield GOP would have advantage as conservatism is the population default, as the field is not leveled GOP is betting on revanchism to get more power;
    – The DNC is betting that control over sectors give them the advantage, but their pursuit to overthrow every dissident opinion is leading towards the revanchism GOP is cashing in.

  6. There is no question whether we can hold someone during a pandemic. If we can force law abiding citizens to stay in their home we can force criminals to ya know stay in their temporary home. If anything if we wanted to really keep them save there is no place other than a prison where you can isolate a mass of people so well
    As far as the non criminal calls what it likely means is anything civil even the things that need a police report to go forward, wellness checks on people who are being reported that might be a danger to themselves or others, basically anything traffic related, and disturbances that clearly have the potential to get criminally violent but hey fuck it let's wait for it to happen first

  7. Every day we get closer and closer to IRL Division. We got the Rioters, we got the Rikers, with the current push by businesses for privatized security we're probably going to get the LMB pretty soon. I'm still waiting for the Cleaners to make their appearance.

  8. Idk it's so stupid my friend got ra* ped when she was 15 by a 22yo guy and he got sent to jail but he is being released due to this corona bull*** ?

  9. the most frightening thing about this is that there are so many ignorant people in this country that are falling for this left-wing ideology and destroying our country

  10. It is made to look Trump look bad they want him to use the insurrection act so they can call him an evil dictator not see who uses the military against innocent protesters. And it is all in democrat cities it’s all Democrat rioters it’s all being allowed by Democrat mayors. The reason it’s happening is because they’re telling police to stand down and let it happen. Anywhere else this would be stopped, all they have to do is let the same national guard who they used to enforce quarantines against completely innocent people and they could end it peacefully in a day or two tops. Republicans won’t burn down their own city because they’re too smart, to be a Democrat at this point you have to have some pretty serious mental deficiencies. True liberals and Democrats of old are either out of their party or have their head so far up their ass they’re clueless to what’s going on. They can’t leave their cities because any real cops allowed to do their job which shut them down and put them in prison and only Democrats would allow their own cities to burn because they hate this country. You have to understand Democrats aren’t Americans anymore they are globalists they want the UN to rule the world and for America to be absorbed into their new world order cult. They don’t give a crap about this country if they can’t have it they would rather see it burn just to spite us. Most of the voters don’t know this, all of the leaders do, most of the voters are just idiots that’s why they’re voting Democrat anyway they’re morons who vote based on political lies and false narratives and a corrupt fake media he’s been lying and brainwashing the American people for at least for decades.

    The fact that you sit there scratching your head wondering why Democrats are burning their own cities shows that you don’t quite grasp the concept yet you don’t understand where their loyalties lie, you still think of them as being like you. You don’t hate this country, they do. You’re an American, they are anti-American global socialists, they are a party built on eight, a violent mob full of domestic terrorists. They burn down the cities cause I don’t give a crap to do with the TV tells them to because they’re morons and they don’t care what they destroy because they have no loyalty or morality, they’ve lost their humanity and they don’t see this as their culture, their culture lives on smart phones and TV screens and is a fictional world created by six media corporations. People live their lives through smart phone and laptop and TV screens now. They’re living in a manufactured world created by anti-American globalist Democrats.

    Do you wonder why they do this and you also wonder why they do it because it makes them look bad. They’re idiots, that’s why.

    Look at it through this lens. The original Greek meaning of the word Apocalypse is not the end of the world were the final destruction it’s the lifting of the veil and exposing the truth. America isn’t getting worse than it was five years ago, they’re just being exposed and America is starting to wake up and see what they’ve been doing, that’s why they voted for Trump because he’s the only candidate on either side that would address this which is the true critical issue. Five years ago look at yourself politically, if someone told you in 7 years you’re going to be on YouTube basically speaking the message of the right of the Republicans that you’ll be calling out Democrats and the left as the monsters and destruction of our society? Have your core values changed? Or have you started to see the truth of who the left really is. What you’re seeing now is the veil being lifted in the left and the corrupt being exposed, the fake media covers for them the billionaire want to be elitists you finance them and set up all these SJW fake organizations to push their messages and brainwash people. Nothing has changed trust me, I’ve been doing this pseudocitizens journalist thing for 29 years, the Democrats haven’t changed this is the same party doing the same thing they were doing when Clinton took office. The only difference is over 30 years we’ve managed to start to expose them America is finally being educated enough to where they’re starting to see what’s been right in front of their eyes for at least 30 or 40 years. We were all fooled, you have no idea how much I loved George Bush Senior and I was a huge fan of Bush Junior and felt for their lies, they’re basically Democrats they are globalists and they have the same goal which is to sell out America but we’ve all been fooled. But look at it through that viewpoint nothings changed the veil is being lifted and now we’re educated and starting to see the truth to wear before we were just listening to the TV like the rest of these puppets and blindly believing everything we were told.

  11. Non criminal calls are essential function of public services for our communities most vulnerable. Whether police or fire or ambulace called for assistance for a cat in a tree or a gas smell or whatever they are calling because they have litteraly NO ONE ELSE TO CALL. Something us normal family guys just wont get.

  12. NYC and NYS are so woke and progressive, neither Government knows whether to s#!t or go blind. Seriously insane. No, certifiable!

  13. Nothing has happened in my neighborhood. The Lamestream Media tries to anger and excite everybody with their idiot coverage. But I'm not even slightly inconvenienced. It's watching the so called News that's the culprit. I don't care about Seattle. I don't care about NYC… or LA… or any of those hellholes. If they DO come here, they will be given a warm welcome…

  14. My democrat friends: Let's talk about America's history of being a racist country . . . . . . Come on you know it . . . . . . . . You know it is.

    Me: Why can't we talk about our history of America overcoming racism? Why do we have to only focus on racism? You never want to talk about our history of how we are overcoming racism. There was a civil war! There was civil rights legislation.

    My democrat friends: We don't want to talk about that!

    Me: But I do!

    My democrat friends: Forget it then.

    Me: Then don't talk! Just listen to what I have to say . . . . . . . . .

  15. I don't understand you confusion about the reason for this. In the 60s the left announced that the Constitution was a dead document and that the deeds of dead white men were not worth studying. A declaration of war against the US and Western Civilization. It's obvious that they now feel unstoppable.