NYT Admits Sanctions BACKFIRE As Biden Defiant On Gas | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar continue to examine the West’s reckoning with the sanctions package against Russia that has skyrocketed global oil crises and gas price issues for Biden

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New Yorker Feature:

Skanda Amarnath:

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  1. Hopefully Biden starts listening to the cries of the people and stops attacking oil drilling and other things related to the supply of oil. If that does encourage oil companies then use the DefenseProduction Act to encourage competition for them. Break those oligopolies up as they violate the Sherman Antitrust Act.

  2. Yeah cause if they could’ve negotiated a peaceful settlement by backing off with NATO and helped enforce the Minsk treaty with the illegal coup nazi government that we helped install, we maybe wouldn’t be on the brink of WW3 with the other largest nuclear superpower.
    Have any of the experts noticed that everything the Biden Admin. has touched since the day he took office has turned to SH@T!

  3. Seriously, how much longer are we gonna tolerate a clearly coordinated scandal to put the biggest “Controllable Puppet” possible to dismantle this country in an effort to shift global control of the world. A clear dynamic taking place in front of our eyes & at our expense. It’s no secret we have a completely incompetent career politician who’s widely been known amongst his peers as “THEE” if not one of the most corrupt in the entire govt. In other words the perfect puppet to control. Biden’s only missing trophy was to become POTUS & knowing Biden’s always been willing to do anything corrupt for personal gain, you had the perfect scenario present itself. Biden gets to fulfill his completed legacy & have the most power he’s ever had to utilize in an effort to go after one last family fortune money grab. All while knowing he’s got the benefit of never having to even worry about personally dealing w/ the absolute destruction of our nation as he’ll be long dead before the worst ever hits the homeland. The cynicism & resentment this man clearly has been allowed to build up during 40 yrs of high office government power is documented all throughout the numerous videos of his politics & speeches. So it’s no surprise he’d be willing to make that trade w/ the devil & giving up the keys to Americas greatness along with its stable safety & security. It’s damn near impossible for the most dumbest person in the world to make the consecutive string of decisions that Biden has made on behalf of inflicting the most pain & devastation possible on the American ppl & all while tv critics refuse to call out the truth, instead continuing to confuse ppl by suggesting he’s either that incompetent or receiving really bad info by his advisors. I mean, at this point his critics are just as culpable as he is considering the level of threat we’re currently in & yet nobody with the resources is willing to state the truth for all to start viewing through the proper lense regarding exactly the level of attack that is currently um taking place against all of us as Americans. We’re all still sitting in silence while being given false hope that our current administration, although continues to make eyebrow raising decisions on behalf of the American ppl, he at absolute minimum cares about the stability of our nation & is 100% pro America for which he’ll make the right decisions once fully under attack. Little does anyone realize that will be the moment he goes MIA while being protected by the various governments all behind what we’re suffering. Just ask yourself one question, do u think a little over a yr ago the ppl in Afghanistan or Ukraine ever thought the day would come where the only lives they’ve ever known would be completely upended & changed forever in a way that can only be processed through the depiction of your worst horror movie. Sadly this won’t be one that anyone will be sitting back & enjoying the popcorn….or was it corn pop. All I can say is, where is Lee Harvey Oswald when u really need him 👨‍🎤🙆‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  4. The issue is not Ukraine. Russia intends to invade and take over Finland and Estonia and Poland and essentially all of the former Eastern Bloc nations.
    You are being naive if you think this can be resolved through NEGOTIATION.

    You had Peter Zeihan on your show last week, but apparently you didn't do your homework. Peter has explained many different times in many different venues why this is an EXISTENTIAL priority for Russia and Putin. They cannot be talked out of it.

    If you are willing to sacrifice the freedom and liberty of 300 million people to Russian ambitions, just so you can enjoy lower prices on gasoline, then you are contemptible fools.

  5. To Biden's question; I would go further, and say that peace and diplomacy were not genuinely pursued. In fact, I don't think peace was ever the goal of this administration.

  6. what is going on in EU is the great reset!!!! The capitalists and imperialists solution to their neoliberal globalist crisis. I am glad that people in the periphery will be able to exchange products, commodities, etc using our national currencies. There goes the IMF, WB and all of there institutions that rob capital and resources from third world countries

  7. In a time of need Americans will be willing to put up with nearly anything to get a job done.

    But not if they don't trust their government and don't trust what they're being told this sacrifice is for. This is the price paid for lying to the people about foreign policy over and over and over again.

  8. Trump jacked up import tariffs on the Canadian steel used in US military equipment, claimed he did it to punish China. Of course Americans were the ones paying. Biden's jacking up Putin's revenue stream to punish Russia. The top ends of both their syndicates (parties?) are stupid and rotten.

  9. Obviously the White House has to take responsibility and Biden is the president but the same people who are railing against Biden for the sanctions are the exact same people that said Obama was feckless when he had a redline in Syria And didn’t do anything .. the media and these independent internet news people have helped further the divisions in this country with all this hyperbole and the twisting of facts to support a narrative having a two party system has only hardened hearts .everyone retires to their respective positions and common sense is out the window

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