NYT Claims THERANOS CEO Targeted For SEXISM, Ignores Fraud

Krystal and Saagar respond to the feminists in mainstream media defending Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes as her trial for fraud continues

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  1. As a woman, I always feel more outraged when a woman adopts the behaviors and desires of the oppressor. Id expect racism and chauvinism from biden. Seeing Harris take part however, hits a different nerve for me, it hurts more and i hate it more

  2. This is 100% indistushable from satire. I just went and read it. Truly insane the level of confirmation bias & false comparisions, and downplaying what she did and how much money she defrauded from people with a lot of money to chase her. IF MEASURING EQUALLY Holmes actually showed how either very pro female or at least easily manipulated tech is: she got so, so far ahead, even with such easily debunked device, because criticism was dismissed at the time as being sexism; and lots of ppl have a fear of being labelled & shunned.
    So she was advantaged in a way, not disadvantaged. People, use an equal measure or its nonsense.

  3. yES….MAYBE IT IS SEXISM. How many bankers/stock men go to jail for the collapse in 2008. Bush lied and invaded Iraq killing thousands. Any of the Sackler family men go to jail for the opiod crisis? Did Bill Crosby got to jail? Did the men involved in Flint water poisoning go to jail……………..makes you wonder.

  4. Ellen Pao was completely discredited when her sex discrimination lawsuits and appeals were all thrown out. In court, it was revealed that she misrepresented events, abused other female coworkers, and simply lied about her relationships with other people. When confronted with hard evidence such as her emails, she recanted She was even ordered to pay some of the legal fees for the defense. She is a bad example of nasty person who tried to use sexism as an excuse to seek revenge and then had the whole thing backfire when the truth was revealed. Now that some time has past and people have forgotten how heinous Pao was she is crowing in interviews on CNBC and Bloomberg. These media outlets are simply dumpster divers looking for any divisive sensationalism.

  5. At the time when all this fraud was coming out, I read an article headlined "we will know the Silicon Valley has come of age when they let a woman of color to fall the same way Elizabeth Holmes has"

  6. That's because being a capitalist fraudster is business as usual in the US. Look at all the insider trading by Pelosi. BUT the real problem is genitalia, according to these shameless and disingenuous princes and princesses.

  7. The fact that regular people had their health damaged (or worse) is clearly the worst aspect of this case. Let's not forget, though: "fake it until you make it" is a high risk strategy. If you "fake it", you have to "make it", or the consequences will be devastating. The number of fakers that have been broken and destroyed in Silicon Valley is stunning. We just hardly ever hear about them. Very few manage to "fake it" so well that their subsequent failure to "make it" and resulting destruction make it into MSM. I bet Holmes is wishing she hadn't been born with such a talent for lying.

  8. Her entire celebrity was ‘rare female startup founder’ which she milked until she was the ‘first self made female billionaire’ which she then used to leverage the company’s peak value at over $3 billion.

  9. Why are we always shocked at sociopaths pivoting to protect their hides…they are SOCIOPATHS, this is what they do!

    Holmes convinced dozens on investors to give her she is going to convince a dozen jury to give her a not guilty verdict…and that will be her greatest fraud ever!!

  10. 3rd way Feminism is a fraud. I am not sure how long it will take fucking liberals to figure that out.

    Feminism today is about creating female oligarchs like some male oligarchs

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