NYT Columnist: ‘I was WRONG’ About Trump Supporters, The Culture War

Ryan Grim and Emily Jashinsky break down an article from a New York Times columnist who said he was ‘wrong about Trump supporters,’ and discuss differing perceptions of Donald Trump in the media today.

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  1. Her argument would be a lot better if trump voters didn't have the option to vote for B. Sanders. If they were truly looking to "buck the system" rather than Trump just appealed to their racist inclinations.

  2. Can tell you that they also basically distort coverage on India to the point of propaganda. Once met a South African who told me they do the same for his country.

  3. Love the are the very first person to ever speak about the huge chunk of people that were Obama voters, democrats that voted for Trump and why.This is a massive amount of people that have been ignored even by saager and krystal..I voted with dems for 15 years and was cast out and will never ever ever align myself with them again. Literally everybody I know is in this camp and we are never acknowledged.

  4. I voted Obama my first time voting, Trump was the best and worst thing to happen to America. He exposed so many things. We all knew media, intelligence agencies, politicians, corporations are corrupt. They exposed themselves to counteract Trump. Unfortunately some people still believe Russia influenced our elections smfh. But will ignore when we "America" straight up fund the worst of the worst around the world to overthrow governments. Nobody knows how much African countries like trump. Why? Because he left them alone. As soon as Biden went into office he sent military into Somalia. Because they voted for leadership not under American control. We started to fund and arm terrorists to overthrow that government. Going on right now smfh. All because of the horn of Africa and oil distribution routes… Guess who's directly north across the water? Yemen another countries we are helping commit genocide. While we let them distract us with frivolous things they do whatever they want…

  5. Next to Congress, the media has the lowest trust factor in the US according to Pew. I get 0% of my information from any mainstream media. They lie constantly and they have no idea how the world works outside of Manhatten.

  6. No matter how many half-assed apologies they offer up, we all saw them for who they are and that cat is never going back in the bag. We all know you'd do it all over again if thought you "had" to and that you are never to be trusted ever again. The NYT has lost its credibility for good.

  7. Trump never tried to ban "all Muslims" from coming into the US. He banned people from a few predominantly Muslim nations that teach anti-American terrorist rhetoric/training that are extremely hostile from coming into the US.

    Also, not sure I trust Ryan's counter argument, reading a quote from someone else (I think a NYT writer?) talking about something Trump said. Too many times, the second hand accounts were not entirely accurate accounts during Trump's term… 😒

  8. If Trump is so "appealing" then that said a lot about the democrats, that the dems are so terrible at doing their job that MILLIONS of people would rather support an "appalling" figure like Trump. Something has to be so rotten and off putting about the other side for millions of people to say F -OFF I'm going with this guy. Democrats lack self reflection and awareness. P.S ex liberal since 2019, I'll be voting republican. & if it's btw Biden and Trump, idgaf I'm voting Trump. I'm hoping for Ron DeSantis though.

  9. The sad thing is they all may be responsible for the very thing they decried. An unfiltered Trump. Like you said about the Muslim ban. He had his advisors reign him in. Does any6 think he will listen to anyone at all if he is reelected, especially if it's in a Landslide?

    And it will 100% be the medias fault.

  10. Yo Grim…what's appalling is that you just said that Trump wanted to ban all Muslims. THAT NEVER HAPPENED. You are still pushing conjecture, speculation and innuendo as fact…it was speculation then and it is speculation now…THAT IS APPALLING!!! You are doing the very thing that compels us to distrust the media. You twisted the story into a narrative about your personal speculation…that is fake news!!! Your SPECULATION is NOT NEWS! Your speculation is also IRRELEVANT, because you are not an elected representative, and from what I understand, the media is not the 4th branch of the Federal government. Your colleague is great, but you?…get off your pedestal and just stop.

  11. Ryan’s disgust at a Muslim ban is right, but it’s telling it animates him and his class a lot more than most Americans not having a retirement fund and only having 2 weeks holiday – at best.

  12. She crushed Ryan to his face. Then he plays his typical shenanigans. This is how trump gets away with stuff." Let's go to the capitol but we must have non violence" he uses double speak a famous totalitarianism tactic. Democrats think slick willy is good at this? Trump is even better.

  13. Discrimination based upon “national origin” is illegal. Claiming that it wasn’t religious discrimination but national origin discrimination instead is asinine and, yeah, appalling

  14. Brett Stephens is another frequent guest on Real Time With Bill Maher. What else do you need to know?

    Here's every story he ever writes:
    Israel is always right.
    Corporate Democrats are always right.
    Progressives are always wrong.
    How are we gonna pay for it? But only if it helps the average person.

    But hey can you blame him when that's 99% of MSM TV and print?

  15. At that time we had the Taliban and Isis our Country had to worry about..We weren't vetting the Muslims coming into the Country..Obama was sneakily flying them into the Country at night, and dispersing them all over. It is what Biden is doing now with the illegals at the Mexican border..These people are not being properly vetted. It is a danger to every American..Why shouldn't Americans be Conserned over this..Trump has every right to say what he did..With Trump Americans always came first.

  16. Trump wanted to ban people from hostile countries from coming into the US due to 911 and continued terrorist attacks. Trump wanted to set up better screening. Everyone not suffering TDS understood that.

  17. Ryan.. it depends on the religion though right! If your “religion” holds laws and principles that is the destruction of Americans, than why would you let them come in to the country? That being said, not all Muslim people are hateful or wanting to be extremist. How do you sort that out at what are some of the natural consequences of the situation?

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