NYT FINALLY Calls On Biden To DROP Assange Charges | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar discuss the New York Times finally calling on Biden to drop the charges against Julian Assange.

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  1. Great, it only took long enough to ensure his extradition to the famed "whistleblower court" of the Eastern district of Virginia where whistleblowers are regularly prosecuted with no regard for human rights or constitutionality, where "national security" is often cited as reasons why the DEFENSE is not allowed to present certain arguments to a jury and even withheld from being able to even see evidence or charges against them in the name of "national security"

  2. Better late than never. I guess after these long years and months of abuse and torture has finally awakened these dullards to the threat. …. Freedom to publish about the war crimes of other nations, but our own war crimes? Umm, not so much.

  3. The timing of their protest makes me angrier, than their silence ever could.
    Nobody had anything to say, when 3 governments used the possibility of charges for more than a decade to annihilate Assange. As long as this whole thing rested on pure power of the executive branch, all the mainstream journalists were cool with extra-legal punishment and torture.

    As soon as there is a chance, that this whole process might culminate in a legal precedent, which might fuck with their business, they cry "freedom of the press".
    None of you have any integrity. MSM are servants of the status quo. They have become the antithesis of their original mission. So FUCK YOU.

  4. I voted for Gary Johnson in 2016 and the only reason I didn’t vote for Trump in 2020 is because of Trump’s prosecution of Assange and his refusal to issue him a pardon. But I’m not stupid enough to have voted for Biden either. I left the ballot blank.

  5. WAIT A MINUTE!!! Isn't he behind exposing hilliary clinton and that would go against the dems and MSM's agenda? And doesn't he have dirt on everyone's favorite pres, obama?

  6. It's very curious this shift given that the NYT is all about the Russia hoaxes, the Ukraine hoaxes and all the rest of the propaganda state machine narratives. I wonder what is behind this, maybe fear they won't be able to publish leaks when the political tables turn in 2024?

  7. Too little too late. If the Slime were really serious, it would call for revision of the espionage act. As usual, that rag is all about pretence (and summer squash recipes).

  8. When the government is embarrassed and are caught with their hands in the “cookie jar” they act like little children😂So they deny and want to hurt and torture😅Grow up!

  9. The only thing worse than the “press” in this country not caring about doing their job is the entire public not caring about having a free press because you’re more worried about being loyal to your preferred cult/mafia team.

  10. I really doubt the NYT alone dropped this. More so pentagon agenda. With goals 10 years down the road and planting the seeds right now through its conduit called the NYT. Or Julian assange is about to finally hit the red button and release everything. And now governments are finally scared.

  11. I love this show. Krystal and Saagar are both incredible. They show their political leanings, but call out the bullshit from their own parties, when they see it. They respectfully debate, and keep their minds open to change. This is how all political talk shows need to be.

  12. Assange is an egotist and a prime example, 
    of a completely 'unattached to reality' idealist.

    However you might feel about American style liberal democracy, 
    …and most don't care or even know of its existence 'as a thing'.
    But they do enormously enjoy the Capitalism that underpins it.

    The masses only tend to see the surface of their societies politics.
    Because they're too busy or disinterested in the minutiae, 
    of how countries keep order within their borders and outside of them.

    The US is fighting a war. Its aim is that every government is a liberal democracy.
    There're many states that don't want this Western hegemony and are actively, 
    trying to stop the spread of …Americas vision of a Capitalist utopia.

    If the United States 'played fairly'… the affluent life most westerners live would be at risk from nations considered by Westerners as despotic.
    You would be poor and that isn't hyperbole, I don't mean can't buy a new car or a washing machine every three years.
    Or pay for the occasional 'fancy branded goods'… I mean really poor.
    You won't be able to endlessly buy stuff anymore. This will cause you sadness and severe depression. The US must fight those that wish to take your consumables away from you.

    To those that aren't mindless automaton… this is obvious.
    The Unites States will continue this covert war until it wins.
    Their worldview is not 'everyone has their own right to exist and govern themselves'.
    You become a liberal democracy, or the US will be at war with you.
    It may be slow… but they will never stop undermining and transforming that country.
    It is their nations modus operandi. They believe they're working towards a Capitalist utopia.
    The demonstrations in China and Iran are the 'behind the scenes work of the CIA' to orchestrate regime change.
    They're endlessly working towards total hegemony… and they're doing it for you.

    Assange 'was' actively fighting against this agenda.
    Can you now see why he is… "at his very best" he's just a naive fantasist?
    Don't be one too.

  13. Assange was working with and paying someone in the military to help him steal information, right? And he should walk away a free man? Translation: As long as the ends justifies the means, journalists are above the law.

  14. This is why I laugh at fools always claiming America has free speech.

    Yeah you're free to make your useless comments that nobody will ever hear or care about..the moment your speech actually has any effect on political landscape you will feel the pressure.
    Whether that is government literally trying to throw you in prison or the government pushing private companies to sever ties, remove or derank you on their platforms.

  15. Know what's funny? As much as the MAGA people hated Biden, and as much as the Biden people hated Trump, what really has changed in terms of policy? If these people were locked in a room somewhere and only their policies were released to the public, what would the actual difference be?

    The Obama administration was hard on whistle blowers, the Trump admin was no better, and the Biden admin was no better. Same story for kids in cages and all of that shit. When is AoC's next appt for a photo shoot at the boarder?

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