NYT Journo Wants White Daughters of SCOTUS Raped By Black Men



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  1. Abortion is not a right provided for and protected by the Constitution. States can adopt their own abortion laws and practices . It is crystal clear what the Intention of this leak is simply by listening and watching the reactions of the politicians and the media. Clearly the intent was to send the SC a message. In the underworld the justices would have gotten a fish wrapped in newspaper

  2. I am an ugly old liberal woman who has been unable to ever find a man to have sex with . But I have always had a wish to get pregnant so that I could have an abortion. Now all of my dreams have been ended by the SCOTUS decision to end Roe v. Wade…

  3. So, the tens of thousands of black babies that would be saved from abortion is seen as a white supremist law? WTF. They never miss a chance to falsely accuse a white man of “supremacy” Don’t kid yourself, their goal is indeed black supremacy and total control. They don’t feel that a white person should be allowed an opinion on anything. You better wake up folks !

  4. I can't help but wonder what judgement day will look like for these people who love to kill babies. I praise God for the faith I have that all these murdered souls are with Him in Heaven.

  5. Perfect timing to throw the Donald and his Pocahontas speech in there. And Amanda and her "raped by a black man" tweet. How the HELL is THAT not racist?

    Both of these dimwits should be out begging for change on a freeway onramp.

  6. Liberal and Democrat women crying "We have a right to kill children!" "We should be irresponsible and not accept the consequences of our actions from our lack of ability to put off immediate gratification!" This amazes me!

  7. I always like how the left's argument is always "the right wants you to keep babies if you've been raped!!!" No, no, leftists. Of course they don't think that, that would be psychotic, like you. The right isn't against abortion, it is against NEEDLESS, ON-DEMAND abortion just because you didn't want to use a condom.

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