NYT Ray Epps Profile Raises MORE Questions About FBI Jan 6 Involvement | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar take a detailed look at the NYT’s profile of January 6th instigator Ray Epps that raises more questions about the FBI’s involvement in the Capitol Riot

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Trita Parsi:

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  1. Undercover informants are entirely normal in many walks of life. Sometimes they even take over the conspiracy. However, why is the NYT falsely claiming that Epps wasn't really doing anything?

  2. Just to put things in perspective, there is a 70 year old woman with cancer who is facing jail time for trespassing….that's the only charge?!?! Also there are a bunch of people who weren't even at the capitol that got arrested because idk I presume they liked a tweet or something…and NYtimes has the audacity to write this article with 0 self awareness after they've called everyone and their grandma a white supremacist fascists and domestic terrorists…this is beyond disgusting!

  3. So, when i was in philly protests in 2016. Met a bunch of peeps. Some of them, including a few i pal'd around with kept makin scenes and creating pro lens our of nothing. When i talked to them a few were from various places and stated they kind of were paid to protest. They had no love for bernie or his policies. They were there to start trouble. Burn flags in the protests etc. Not actually there for the reason most others were. There was someone who was leaving to go home and had a bunch of yard signs, signs, buttons stickers etc and they wanted us to take them. Me an a few other dudes said ok and we walked back to the guys vehicle. We got the stuff and decided to walk to the train instead of trying to walk with all the boxes etc. While at the train station were trying to get the stuff through but the transit cops were being shitty and wouldnt let us through unless we paid again. The other guys only had exact change for one ride, I had a pass. So i said i will just go back and forth. One of the guys couldnt stand it and decided to help but then got mad when police wouldnt let him back through. He started to make a huge scene and was being detained they tried to loop me into it but I had the pass so they couldnt do nada. But this guy started being so dramatic when the police did exactly what they told us they were going to do. Anyway, the guy had to have been a paid provocateur, after rehashing all our conversations from that time, it is easy for me to see it now. Glad if i do dirt it is a solo mission.

  4. The sheer fact that the NYT is the only place who can find this guy.

    Then all of a sudden write a hero piece on him?

    He is 100% an insider, whether he was a paid informant or FBI directly. He has something nefarious to do with this.

    The NYTs is the publication who called people like Epps a terrorist. Now he is a hero?


  5. I wasnt sure until he said "I don't wanna say it bc I'll get arrested" after the first time he tried and they yelled fed. He's 100% sure working for some entity controlled by the DNC. Probably the FBI.

  6. New York times doing what New York times does and most left-wing media… And the people who don't watch this show or other shows like this believe the b***** the New York times and left wing media puts out.. that's why this country is divided..

  7. "The baseless idea that the FBI had anything to do with the attack on the capital." That sounds like "I am convinced that the White House had no knowledge of, or participated in this deplorable incident at the Democratic National Committee."

  8. Better question why does every repub incident get blamed on feds ? Dems should do the same. Blm ….feds…Anfifa feds.
    The party of responsibility always blaming others.

  9. also ray epps is cia plant since earlier cia support break glass 2017 inauguration claim russia hack do kangaroo courts

    it's stupid to continue allow career politicians to unlimited print money to bribe public unions(themselves)/ import by ngos daca abusers with no self sacrifice

    this is dark reason why you see uniparty of dnc/rep go illegally occupy iraq-syria! caused hyperinflation!

    they start artificial civil-direct wars for migrant crisis=so places like libya now cheap for outsource due to Madeline albright kill 500k so they pay less to what's left of current population+install proxy gov

    for years they don't let self employed citizen get medicare but tax them to support daca!

    also we can give all medicare by reduce warfronts, no more allowing new daca abusers, force senators to cut their own wealth in gov by half if they want to keep above 70% of current daca population however no more new ones

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