NYT RUSHED To Publish Studies Favoring Covid Market Theory Molecular Biologist

Scientific advisor at the Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard, Alina Chan, answers the hosts’ questions about the lab leak and wet market theories of Covid-19.

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  1. Why are we still having this conversation 🤣. Any person with half a brain knows it most likely came from a lab. 99% of the evidence points to that. It's silly at this point. It's the dude who heard rumors his girl is cheating, notices she's acting different, and finally walks in on the action, and believes her when she says he's sleep walking and it's just a dream

  2. When they fear the truth they try to eliminate/silence you. My parents are from a dictatorship country and they tell us not to talk too much or post info about politics. One of my relatives was hunted and disappeared for fighting for the rights of a neighbor who was violated against. They are conditioned to be good soldiers and not speak up. That’s why witnessing this type of censorship in America is scary. We are headed there and big tech is their gestapo/henchmen.

  3. Coronavirus research was going all over the world, with the US having more labs than any other country. They were interested in the spike protein for the delivery of vaccines and gene therapy.

  4. I lean toward the wet market animal host theory. That's how most new viruses have crossed to humans in the past. It seems like the most likely scenario, but we'll probably never know for sure.

  5. Time line starts in March 2019 in Italy to Sept. They had a small leak done to create a fake natural narrative. Then in Sept accident happens in Wuhan lab by GOD to expose them (USA) and lock down for 2 weeks clean up. Then in Oct 30 Fauci team meeting and one person says virus will leak in China. This was meeting talking about Fauci universal vaccine to be rolled out. Fauci said whoever does not toe the line will be eliminated. Now billion dollar to corrupt govt leaders throughout the world and media paid to advertise vaccine and vaccine narrative. CDC NIH gang are your own Govt using your money and turning against you by the open society controlling them all.

  6. they will coverup it to make all those who PLANNED, PREDICT and INVEST by FUNDING the biological laboratory in Wuhan China will be innocent or not be accountable.. some of the major world leaders that keeps pushing the mandate are all involved and some that already out in the office were involved.. its a MASSIVE COVERUP for their CRIMES..
    i even personally really don't believed that anthony fauci and bill gates was innocent or not involved on this.. also im not really convinced that the world evil-CON-omicron forum or world e-CON-omic forum,big tech and big pharmacheutical🐍CON-panues was not invoved on this PLANdemic..

  7. harvard was a breeder of corrupt fooliticians.. even Dr. Charles Leiber was came from harvard university which involved on creating pathogens on biological laboratory in Wuhan China..

  8. all those who PLANNED, PREDICT and INVEST by FUNDING the biological laboratory in Wuhan China purposedly RELEASED the PATHOGEN for the 2020 Year of the Rat🐀 because Rat🐀was a SYMBOL for "PEST" or "PESTILENCE"..

  9. Among confounding factors & diagnoses, pathology, anyway rarely does anybody indicate that China has also become too indulgent with harmful health activity, tobacco use exceeds the population of USA … where also that's still an awful scourge, but MMWR et al resources for disease reports public health used to be regarded as reliable until I discerned & actually experienced irt disease reporting (treatment protocols are as awful) the data manipulation suppression corruption undue influence motivations, so inaccuracy among the more acceptable characterizations but as sordid morality also yet again always involves pursuit of vice not virtue. Another example, beside infectious disease among illness, I was critically injured, by others negligence, unfortunately also encountered coagulation issues & survived recovery from pulmonary embolism, but I wasn't treated with requisite priority. Because smokers & all tobacco users were the cardio-pulmonologist among other specialists (otolaryngology et al) bread & butter. So respiratory illness aspects, susceptible, vulnerable, those preventable harms exploited in worse ways obviously subject to many infections … where have vaccination tests happened with them, among most appropriate readily available for application? Beside, obviously there are awful human beings & organizations in world, creating various weapons, among research, that involve CBR applications, still raises doubts. Ubiquity, confounding everything everywhere but environment selects so to say, but so can unethical research, that is, only select what fits. That's science though, the side with immoral character destroying discipline credibility virtue while tragedy in their wake. Was it so novel or harmful when much doubt beside exploitation corruption deception worse occurred? The response was nearly everything wrong about humanity, but there's definitely more to prepare illustrate substantiate prior hence since simply dark money will continue motivating really dark things. USA NIH et al absconded $65 bil to perpetuate & perpetrate … CoronaCon among further ruse scam scheme?

  10. harvard teaches their students or manipulation and deception that's why when they gets into Politics as FOOLiticians they know already what to do.. and i noticed that most of the Harvard University graduated FOOLiticians are CORRUPT and MANIPULATORS..

  11. There was an article published in 2014 in the bulletin of the atomic scientists ('Threatened pandemics and laboratory escapes: Self-fulfilling prophecies'). It observed that viruses had previously escaped labs and considered the possibility that some genetically altered virus could do so in the future. It advised that it might be a good idea to move viral research into remote areas (rather than densely populated urban areas). Even considering the possibility of a virus leaking allows you to consider what you know about viral research globally and to consider if protocols are consistent and high quality. It doesn't matter if covid originated in a lab. That ship has sailed. But considering the possibility might allow you to prevent a future pandemic.

  12. How can she say the PR campaign was unscientific? Look at all The Science that went into funding it "This project has been funded in whole or in part with Federal funds from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Department of Health and Human Services…" That's like, all The Science.

  13. The world remembers the virus did come from Fort is D' Trick, Maryland, USA and was stealthy planted in Wuhan military games , perfectly timed to spread to all corners of China, and ride on its yearly Chinese New Year Mass Migration. The Pompeo CIA was highly suspected as the culprit. It was confirmed US had all the strains A,B,C ,D,E, whereas China had only the baby strains ,mostly C, some B.

  14. First sentence is a lie.

    The NYT has not proclaimed or even come close to proclaiming that the origin of the coronavirus has been solved. One would think they'd be more careful about spreading misinformation now.

  15. Did she start classes at MIT when she was done mastering tummy time at the wee old age of 4 hrs, 19 min old? I'm assuming she only looks 12 but in reality is far older than every physical or behavioral aspect of her appearance.

  16. First of all, we must be very clear, this situation could have been solved by simply blocking China from the rest of the world from the beginning and it was not done, secondly, this virus is designed to affect humans, and the best way to make this leap is With the help of humans in a laboratory, third, the virus was used by the big pharma sector to multiply its profits and by the political sector to obtain electoral advantages apart from taking away certain freedoms from the people, finally, if there had been an animal host, it would have already found.
    My conclusion is that if we really want to know everything about this virus, we have to start by investigating all those who have taken advantage of this situation, from politicians to the big media and big pharma, that's the only way we could find answers.

  17. Where's the proof of a market super spreading event? China never let any outside help, nor did they ever give any scientific proof on that theory. The CCP had and has a nothing to see here attitude. They also seeded the world with it. Can't trust any communists ever..

  18. Wouldn't it be easier to find the source closer to the start date? 2 years later, are we going to be able to find the source? Animals move/die, people forget who was around/ involved etc

  19. In my case my family got very very sick we think it was Covid. We were sick for a whole month. Then we started to feel better two weeks later January came and Covid was released. So I do believe it came before January. I’m from the US and the time frame I got sick and my family was end of November to December

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