NYTimes Admits Ukraine Won’t “Win” The War

Much as the Western press has been promoting the idea that Ukraine is winning the war against Russia, it’s becoming clear that there will be no clear military conclusion to the conflict, and even the New York Times is beginning to admit that a diplomatic solution is in the offing, and the only real question is how much territory Ukraine will have to cede and how much of the sanctions currently imposed on Russia will have to be removed.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and American comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the prosecution of the war and who benefits from endlessly prolonging the conflict.

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  1. It's not clear yet that Russia will make Donbass a part of Russia. It's still possible they will make it independent from both Ukraine and Russia. It's likely Russia will keep the land bridge, since it will have control over Donbass. The continuation through Odessa to Moldova is not obvious.

  2. The US. wants to prove that " aggression is not rewarded with territorial gains." 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  3. The USA is responsible for this war by conducting a coup against the previous government so they could install the current administration there. The USA and Britian with the CIA did the same thing in Iran. These are just a couple of these acts among the many we have committed. This country is insane for wars. It will be our downfall. FJB FJB FJB FJB.

  4. Rocky felers n Roten childs n other 1% RICHest run the show,always did. Atackin Rusia was suicidal for US
    Am suprised richest fks can be so stupid since Rusia is SELF SUFICIENT in all natural resources nd Biggest country in the World too.

  5. Somebody from CIA, are you kidding Jimmy??? I can tell you who is running your country, rich people, they are the owners, and when I say rich, I do not mean Jeff Bezo or Bill Gate type of people, they are Chihuahua compared to the true Wolves, and the true alpha Wolves are Rothschild family, Rockefeller family, they are the owners of your country.

  6. What does the Azof Battalion and US have in common? Nazis! I don't mean like ANTIFA lairs, I mean real Nazi Sympathizers! Prescott Bush was arrested in 42 for trading with the enemy! Does that mean that Herbert Walker Bush was a sympathizer? Listen to his New World Order speech. In the 80's during the first invasion of Iraq. Then compare it to Hitler's speech in 1939. Match! Same language!

    A Faction of The Republican Party wanted things to return to normal, before Trump. They are known as the Lincoln Project. Who controlled GOP before Trump? Bushes controlled The Republican Party before Trump. Maybe they should rename themselves as the Hitler Project to more accurately show their real political affiliation. Was this same group supporting ANTIFA? After Trump lost Twitter shut down dozens of ANTIFA accounts. What does the establishment know that we don't? Oh who is one of the Bushes closest friends? The Clintons! Most of both sides know what is going on and are down with it. Who knows, if we get big money out of politics maybe we could get representation that supports our values! Instead of stooges that mindlessly support Nazi and other elites to our determent! ANTIFA must be feeling really sheepish, upholding Nazis instead of routing them!

  7. the americans with their war crimes from their genocide of 6 million people in Vietnam to their slaughter of 2 million innocent citizens and destruction in Iraq of all people are the last ones to try to teach ANYBODY a lesson about "aggression won't be rewarded with territorial gains "

  8. Hey Jimmy,

    You're ok with Russia building a buffer zone against NATO, but you scream and cry murder when Israel tries to create a buffer against arabs that want to murder them?

    You have blind spots.

  9. I 💯 agree. Battle Born Deplorable 4Life agrees. We do not belong in Ukraine. Russia is justified. I agree.
    I do not believe stranding computer chips in Taiwanese land. Which is not China. Repeat is not China. As far as domestic. Defund Government. Or Trump 2024. Maybe both….
    Bring jobs wages homes family's savings American Dream back

  10. This comedian Zelensky must feel like Nacho Vargas right about now. He got the got the Nazi (Gus) oligarchy pulling his strings one side and the Russian's (Salamanca's) gunning for his head on the other side.

  11. All these nations sending their weapons systems to Ukraine in some thoughtless, reactionary, technology transfer loophole because of "evil Russia" that would never have happened under normal circumstances. It's a good thing Israel has their head on.

  12. Ive been telling my friends ( Who are brainwashed from all the MSM networks) for weeks Russia is winning, going to win and are annihilating the NeoNazis and Ukrainian military in land sea and Air. Thay have all labeled me a russian sympathizer and conspiracy nut. Ive just had to smirk, "Yeah right Ukraine is winning. we will see who was telling the truth and watching real journalists on the ground as it has been unfolding all along. You all are going to look pretty stupid and owe me a big apology."
    When the encirclement is completed of the last of the bulk of Ukraine's military and they start to double in losses daily, rhey run out of supplies and munitions, the mass surrender will start to occur. The last groups to surrender will most likely be the diehard NeoNazis and the majority of foreign Mercenaries. I would live to see, the Mercenaries hung or imprisoned for life in Siberia along w/ all those NeoNazis and the Zelinski appointed politians in those regions who have let the reign of murder and terror continue for 8 yrs suffer the same fate.

  13. It's funny that Volodymyr Zelensky banned the letters V and Z in Ukraine and now his name is Olodymyr Elensky. Russia takes not only part of the territories, but also part of the name of this clown 😂

  14. Now we need to imagine what if NATO had never expanded to the East getting closer and closer to Russian border while Putin kept protesting? Till he made his famous speech in Munich of 2007 and drew a redline over Ukraine becoming part of NATO, Putin had not invaded or attacked any country. What if US, ignoring Putin's warning, had not engineered a coup in Ukraine in 2014 and installed a government inclined on joining NATO Putin would not have taken over Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk would not have declared independence. What if Ukraine had implemented Minsk Agreement 1 & 2 and kept Donetsk and Lugansk as autonomous regions of Ukraine instead of attacking those regions for 8 years killing 15K civilians and intensifying those attacks right up to February 24, 2022? But then, how could arms industry sell so many weapons to all those NATO countries that increased their military budgets after February 24, 2022?

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