NYTimes & FBI Wage War On Project Veritas

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  1. The NYT is literally reporting on documents they have no legal right to (the FBI is not supposed to be leaking privileged communications from a man who hasn’t been charged with a crime to the NYT), then they are wagging their finger at Project Veritas for covering a leaked diary? They are mentally unwell at NYT to think that any of this is okay, it’s quite illegal and I hope James sues the FBI and wind his lawsuit against the NYT.

  2. Project Veritas is garbage. However here in America, garbage have rights. Should not be censored , silenced by government and opposition. People should be able to make up their own mistakes and ignorance.

  3. PV sues NYT
    PV gets handed a damning diary, doesn’t publish and gives it to FBI.
    A year later FBI raids PV and gives NYT details on their opponent in the courts. Disband all 3 letter agencies.

  4. Really I would think Jimmy Dore would have SOME good things to say about Project Veritas , Since they have done good journalism. Come out of your tribe Jimmy it’s ok , you tribe isn’t the greatest.

  5. Years ago in upstate New York school children where getting numerological problems from a fracking operation which was on school property, terrible seeing the kids having these awful ticks from the fracking chemicals. The New York Times was dispatched to smear the kids and their families, and they did. They where trying to contain the incident by blaming the victims. The story was a potential disaster event for the fracking industry, that’s when I learned who the times works for, it ain’t the people.

  6. Project Verona’s does not have a sketchy history, people just don’t like some of what they exposed. All of those accusations have been addressed. I do agree with your current interpretation of what is going on though.

  7. These are the people who originally accused PV of deceptive editing. You can't trust a single thing NYT says, journalism has become a collage of smear merchants. Also on that note, fuck the FBI.

  8. I mean they literally lied about abortions to try and get planned parenthood closed down for good. For all I care every last one of those right wing nut jobs could literally drop dead of covid overnight and I wouldn't shed a single tear. I do not have sympathy for them

  9. James O'Keefe has said time and again: "Show us ONE deceptive video and he will pay you $10,000."

    That "I don't like PV cause of that ACORN" shit isn't gonna fly. Just one day of journalism from PV is an entire years worth of corporate media. There isn't a media outlet out there today that can match what they do.

  10. They leaked Project Veritas documents to try and scare whistle blowers from contacting them and giving them information. The powers that be hate Project Veritas because they expose their corruption.

  11. Starting off with an admission that you didn't do your hw on veritas and are willing to crap the talking heads propaganda out of your face. Good start. You can say that James used bad practices oooor you could just watch the videos and realize that you'd also have to shit all over every major news organization that ever existed for literally using the same methods when doing undercover journalism.

  12. Don't start by lying Jim. your full of shit. he has never lost a law suit and he is fighting the same swamp of insider assholes you are. Has more retractions from the WAPO and NYT then anyone.

  13. Kinda funny, if you go to project veritas and look at their wall of shame.. you will see Jimmy's OPINION on them is not based on truth. Be carefully Jimmy you will be on their wall of shame as well and be forced to go in front of your crowd and admit you were wrong. They have done this to ANYONE who claims to be journalist.. seriously go look, this isn't the first person who said this and had to retract what they said. Ofc if you are so blinded by ideology you won't even go look… Be careful Jimmy calling him this.

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