Oakland Store Emptied by Swarm of “Bread Scavengers”

This is the second time the store has received the reeeparations treatment in a month.

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  1. Did people forget that there's food banks,wick, food stamps caring people in society that go out of their way to help and feed people? I guess not these people are so hungry that their breaking into high end clothing shops and electric stores to have something to eat.this is truly bazar when the shops leave the prices on all items will go up so great a few people can get new shoes and a fancy hat.if only they got a job they could buy more than a hat and shoes plus they would have a better just be lazy and steal it always leads to a better just can't fix stupid.

  2. Was there enough product for all of them? I lived in the Bay Area for 10 years in the 90d. Went back there last summer and hardly knew it. It is an unsafe cess pool now. Oakland was not that nice back then but now SF is horrible as well. So sad to see.

  3. Any high end store in these areas will close and move somewhere else if they are smart. Causing poverty there to get worse with less taxes for social programs. Its all a self fulfilling loop, but its their own fault.

  4. So far from the truth that lady. None of that. Just young lazy punks. Looting is very damaging to local economies second to fire. If government continues to encourage looting through decimalization the looters will begin to die trying..

  5. Trust me people start saving up money to get your own place outside the city. Learn to fish and hunt if you dont already know it and grow your own food. Buy all the tools because forging them yourself is gonna be hell. This shit is going down hill fast and you know it.

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