#ObamaGate: What are the Allegations?

President #Trump tweeted #Obamagate and Twitter erupted with accusations, but the meat of the allegations was difficult to determine. In this investigation, it seems that then-President #Obama promoted the #Russia conspiracy theory to discredit the incoming administration, and the FBI under Comey acted in unethical ways with partisan ends in mind.

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  1. Regardless, if all of this is true or not….Trump still became president and he didn't get impeached. And all of the other stuff mentioned doesn't matter either. But looking at how things have been the last past few months, I can see why they didn't want his ass in office. All the lives lost and the ones we are still losing, the lies the blame game. He's has proven to be intellectually incompetent to effectively lead the country. All that Obama gate crap might be true but its in the past and wasn't effective. Trump loves diversions and this diversion, like the many ain't changing a damn thing. He still looks bad right now.

  2. The previous administration spied on the incoming administration. They illegally leaked to the media in an attempt to create a false narrative in order to undermine and eventually remove the new President. Seditious conspiracy.

  3. If they are still going after Flynn after November, I think Trump should just issue a pardon, so the book can be closed on this non-issue (because we all know he's innocent).

  4. Obama administration sabotaged team Trump and got away with, but Trump was witch hunted over a Russia collusion conspiracy theory. Justice didn't happen.

  5. It’s weird to see you get 180k views on this, more than cnn anytime before or after the 7-9pm prime time (and that’s just for one video) yet you pretty much make nothing for it, YT content creation is broken because the media sees this threat. You guys should be getting media money for this.

  6. Disgusted by the left. They have zero integrity. Trump has more integrity the the DNC. Very angry registered Democrat whole going to give the establishment of a big fuck you.

  7. Mike Flynn had to deal with thugs with Federal badges. Those badges brought in Mike junior — and I think Matt is the name of the other of Mike Flynn’s sons included here. This is some Mobster bullshit within governmental rankings.

  8. Here’s the crazy part…. if they really thought that Flynn was a Spy ( clearly he wasn’t) They should of notified President Donald Trump of the situation….. if there was a spy at a Top Level position…. by them not informing the President…. they are aiding and abetting a spy….

  9. economy is bad—Obamagate
    unemployment bad–obamagate
    Trump had a meeting with russian nationals to get info on Clinton—Obamagate
    Trump ask Ukraine President for a favor to look into Biden–Obamagate
    Trump Pays porn star for her silence–Obamagate.
    Its ALL obamagate.

  10. It occurred to me why the DNC orchestrated the nomination of Biden over Bernie Sanders at the last minute. Maybe they figured Bernie Sanders wouldn’t do all he can to bury this investigation, but Biden sure will (or whoever his handlers are will).

  11. he a kenyan jogger that did some crimes. breaking into trumps wires, assaulting the rights of page and papadapoulous, and EVEN stealing…the contents of mike flynn's phone calls.

  12. i cant recall the exact case, but trumps personal lawyers argued, regarding a case seemingly unrelated to russiagate, that publishers are protected by the first amendment. this lays the ground work for a peaceful bringing julian assange back to the US for cooperation with the trump administration. this case was i think in dec 2018, but i could be wrong.

  13. once you realize they had been spying on flynn for years, trying to set him up, etc. they spied on tens of thousands or more people (and unmasked thousands or more) all to protect themselves from being caught doing, billions in money laundering of us taxpayer aid money to ukraine (to ukraine, ukraine gives to oligarchs/etc for 'projects', biden et al who voted or set it all up get kickbacks, money launders through cypress or romania, comes back to us). yes, and that says nothing of selling missile guidance, fighter plans, nuclear materials, arming ISIS, etc. all of that is true too. its far more sick than you can imagine. they will all hang, now.

  14. and too all the "pardon flynn" crowd – no. stop it. he won't be pardoned. he will be exonerated. the reason is simple, and i know most of you arent hypernerds that have been on this case the whole time, so you may not see it. exculpatory evidence in the flynn case incriminates bad actors. this means what frees flynn, locks up those involved. including his previous law firm (do you think he picked them by accident? the law firm of obama's wingman and former AG eric holder? the previous head of the DIA, a super spy, do you really think he didnt know who he picked to rep him?) trump could have pardoned him ages ago. he didnt. he could pardon him now when the optics are better. he will not. after the election, if this show plays on that long, he still will not. flynn will be exonerated to bring down the whole house of cards.

  15. Someone really needs to do FAKE NEWS CNN a pity favor and tell them that something is NOT a conspiracy if it is true (with supporting evidence at that). Obama despises General Flynn for having the nerve to call him and his policies out. He has no problem with Flynn being ruined for something he didn't do. Obama is a fake and is filth.

  16. I love the Anunnaki god images on your channel. Awesome! I'm so into all that right now! The megaliths, the ancient civilisations, the Pyramid of Giza's crazy calculations and what they mean, hidden histories, sumerians etc etc. I'v4e just bought tons of books on all these subjects and trying to steer clear of MS dogma!

  17. And yet I still have idiots coming onto my videos involving Trump and posting a laundry list of articles about dark money and Russian collusion. They still fucking believe it, even with all of this evidence on the contrary, and no evidence for the collusion. No really, last month someone did it and 3 months ago the same person did it. Fucking moron.

  18. I'll never forget when this topic came up in debate club, and I was one of the only ones willing to argue against the impeachment. It was my first ever debate, it was a very weak case, but even so I argued that Trump had been exonerated by the Muller report instead of indicted. Seeing all of this information coming out afterwards is quite the swift kick in the teeth