Obama’s Deep Contempt Of Young Voters.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Obama's political evolution is of someone who abandoned every progressive principle they held in order to have "unity" with the political, military, and corporate establishment. So when he see's progressivism in young people, it reminds him of that which he destroyed in himself, so his instinct is to immediately justify that destruction in everyone else. Otherwise, how can he live with his decisions?

  2. Considering Bernie's complete sell out to the establishment, I'm pretty glad he wasn't chosen.
    "Gotta stop these millionaires and billionaires!!…….I mean, Billionaires."

  3. They are trying to get the "underinformed" to vote. The underinformed are like cattle. They run in one direction or another based on fear or food. They are ignorant about candidate's records. They have no clue that Joe Biden imprisoned millions of black and brown people FOR PROFIT!

  4. In 2012 when asked what he would do to maintain support amongst young voters Obama replied that he didn't NEED to do anything, he already had that voter block locked up.

    It was his version of "If you don't vote for me, you ain't young!"

  5. Obama – Steals the nomination in some shady backroom deal.
    Also Obama – Why aren't young people supporting this? What the hell is wrong with them?

  6. Since nothing is going to change and the asshats of democraps are urging us to vote. Go, vote and nullify the vote for either candidate. To show an absolute repudiation of both political parties.

  7. In history books this is when a socialist SHOULD rise to power.

    Unfortunately a faux-socialist in Obama showed up to take the wind out of those sails. And his skin color may have actually closed the deal and allowed him to do what someone else may not have. He LOOKED the role of reformer.

  8. The point should be that Bernie Sanders is a sell out two election cycles over. He should be an independent but he bows down to the establishment Democrats. He is just collecting money and saying what people want to hear. If you are a progressive don’t fall for this bs Biden is an extreme corporatist ten times worse than Trump.

  9. M104 ? Jimmy Dore your live video on YOUTUBE are Private. Why? Is that to keep me out? Why? ? Jeffrey Preston Bezos ? BANK ACCOUNT OF 183.8 BILLION ? and selling regular Bleach for $39.00 Dollars per Gallon? ? ❤ J.F.K. ? Julian Assange is very good Journalist… ? What do you think Mr. Bone Head ? Jeff Niklaus of Compliant Technologies? ? Orgy Technologies! Hey' Niklaus you a Chicken ? Bird (BLACK HAWK?)

    ? Jimmy, we know it isn't you because your too cool to sell your ? EARTH. ❤ it's World ?HUMANITY ?❤ We Love so much!

  10. I think you made it clear Obama wasn’t finishing his sentence. “Get our and vote…” for the candidate I want you to vote for. A man Obama himself doesn’t believe in and will use to cover up his failed presidency even longer. Trump 2020. Although, in my case, it’s not a spite vote. I actually want Trump to win.

  11. Whether its the reactionary Republicans of the far-Right, or neoliberal Wall St. Democrats of the near-Right, they're both heading to the exact same destination.
    All thats being debated is a question of velocity.

  12. Trump has now ordered the "complete declassification" of documents exposing the smoking gun evidence behind the Russia collusion hoax as well as Hillary's email scandal.

    Once released, these documents will prove that Barack Obama and the FBI (under Comey) ran an illegal spying operation with Hillary Clinton to fraudulently smear President Trump with fictional accusations related to Russia.

    The entire U.S. media went along with the hoax, of course. They were in on it.

    In today's feature story, I explain why all those deep state actors should be arrested, charged with treason, prosecuted and executed if found guilty.

    And this includes the treasonous "journalists" who peddled the political lies because it served their agendas against America.

  13. Obama and Hillary Clinton attacked Libya and turned it into a failed state. They also created the Russia hoax , which was a soft coup.They must be tried for treason.

  14. I voted for him twice. If journalism still existed, I would never have voted for him. He should be in jail. He removed the 4th amendment. I feel guilty that I ever trusted Obama.