Obama’s Memoir Dishonestly Excuses Not Jailing Bankers


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Graham goes over the latests excuses from Obama for not jailing bankers.

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Written by Graham Elwood

Official YouTube channel of Comedian/Filmmaker Graham Elwood (Director of Earbuds: The Podcasting Documentary, co-host of the 'Comedy Film Nerds' podcast, and co-producer of LA PodFest). Visit for DVDs, comedy albums, tour dates, t-shirts, and more!


  1. I think we progressives were guilty of unconscious racial bias. We neglected to give Obama appropriate scrutinization because he was black. If he were white, he'd be another Buttigieg, or something like that.

  2. The US is the most corrupt thing ever to exist. Have we out-murdered any previous murder regime to prowl the earth yet. I think we should be the GOAT by now.

  3. Yeah right go ahead and criminalize banking go ahead I double dog dare ya. Let's see where you get your money from then when bankers quit en masse in protest! THEN how you gonna pay for your food and cable tv? HAH?!!!??!!!??!!!?

  4. They are all lying to us. I agree! The damage caused to the mental health of the collective is measured in stress, sickness, fear, murder and every other abuse of Gods' law, 1=1! They will be held accountable! It's no wonder they have a desire to not die. Keep up the good work Graham ???

  5. When people lose their homes yes they still owe on it but they lose all the equity they put into the home and all the interest they paid on it as well as their home, then the banks get to resell those homes and get that equity and interest until the banks produce another recession then it starts all over again. what a racket!

  6. Don't hold you breath waiting for them to be held responsible either. Children not born today will grow old waiting for the DEM/Rep party to do something.

  7. Superb video. 2 points.

    The information was out there in 2008 about what Barack Obama would be. Greenwald in particular was covering how Obama, once he got the nomination, retracted his opposition to granting the telecoms immunity for their violation of post Watergate regulations.

    The two showcase Fall Guys for 2008 were Martha Stewart and Bernie Madoff. Martha of course wasn't involved in the banks, but she was an ' important person' whom low information voters could imagine was being punished for what the banks did. Madoff was punished because he harmed mostly well off Jews, and the US government was and is of the opinion that at least that sort of action must be deterred in the future.

  8. The politicians in this country, ALL OF THEM, have ZERO will or integrity to hold the banks and the executives to account for their crimes against the citizenry…Obama proves this as fact

  9. I only voted for Obama the 1st time. I voted for him because of his campaign promise that everyone would have a seat at the table in a healthcare debate. When he reneged, Obama forever lost my vote.

  10. "Would have required a violence to the social order, a wrenching of political and economic norms" – you're damn right it would have obama! That's what we are calling for is a violent wrenching of the ruling class out of power, and even into jail cells where they can no longer steal millions of people's homes and retirement funds and just continue on their merry way with their golden parachutes. We want our economy not to value vulture capitalists while not valuing all of the people who do the stuff that upholds our civilization like grow food, care for people, construction, sanitation, etc. Valuing what really should be valued would be a violence to the social order that doesn't value the most vital forms of work and a wrenching of norms, and that would be good. He gives himself away that he wasn't even interested in making things right, just keeping them the status quo.

  11. The Meltdown the 08 meltdown was based on fraud. Elite control fraud accounting control fraud. Appraisal fraud racketeering. This is part of the neoliberal economic game plan. If the masses understood neoliberalism and its long-term goals. The people of this nation would be terrified. Ignorance is not Bliss folks. Ignorance is deadly

  12. ✊? END colonialism, EVERYWHERE!✊? you must read this: you can detail with exclusion about colonialism worldwide – detailing with exclusion about colonialism worldwide is not just suspect, it’s racist ??
    These are the Eurasian oligarchs that create the diasporas of poor indigenous and indigenous mixed unaccompanied minors fleeing from their violence and their unnecessary austerity because of the greed and pervasive corruption and racism of these oligarchs—the eurasian oligarch electronic communications all indicate that they hate indigenous people and they consider the diaspora as they force by immiseration of indigenous and mixed indigenous people to be more remittance profits for the banks that only they own and a purging of poor ”indios” from the country that they steal from and they are ALL eurasian colonizers who came there during the 50s 60s & 70s from Eurasia. It is what it is : colonialism is still alive and well the United States is a giant example of it just look at the hierarchy that is structural. It is the same in Central America and South America and you would have to be blind not to see it – it’s neoencomienda – The existing Eurasian oligarch certainly doesn’t share their bloodmoney profits and that makes it colonialism ongoing and especially if they are going to force diasporas because of their structural greed and structural racism. It’s just more encomienda :

    Kafie, Canahauti, Atala, Larach, Fracussé, Amdani Bai, Rosenthal, Nasser, Goldsteins…100% settler colonialism and the root cause of the diasporas that make America so rightwing and fuel the rightwing racist agitprop propaganda of victimizing the victims— Honduras among other places is a blowback machine of US hegemony but in the last two decades it has been pivotal inasmuch as it literally catapulted Trump into the President of the United States office and that is undeniable and so pathetic and disheartening.

    Honduras is the archetypal case in neocolonialism/colonialism – The mostly Eurasian oligarchs which own, privatize, sell off and operate & destroy Honduras consider the diasporas they create, purges and relish the fact that poor people have to leave Honduras – in some cases it is because of the remittances that are the businesses of their banks and their other businesses that benefit from remittances. These oligarchs mostly don’t even live there and for the United States to continue to allow this to happen is incredibly negligent or incredibly suspect.
    It is what it is.

    Oligarcas corruptos chuecos: Shucri Luis Kafie Larach & JOH

  13. Wouldn't want to cause "violence to the social order"! Wouldn't want to wrench "political and social norms"! That would be absolutely scandalous! Much better to just let 6 million families lose their homes. Much better to just demoralize people so much, beat them down so much, that they'll vote for someone like Trump right after me. That'll maintain the social order AND be good for television ratings/Democratic fundraising! And not a single banker harmed!

  14. 100% on the side of jailing bankers. But, it doesn't surprise me that Obummer would protect criminals. He and all the presidents are criminals. Criminals protect criminals that scratch each others' backs. <Even f%king MORE reason to jail bankers and politicians and CEOs!

  15. Yet another reason Obomber should be in jail instead of walking around free & maybe still controlling the presidency & the Dem party from the shadows with the evil Clintons and their totally not-suspicious-at-all body count list.

  16. Obama was a middle manager working FOR the bankers… come on… look at the President's salary… $ owns America, Profit is God… using these metrics coupled with real world decision-making power… a president isn't even the most powerful person in a given room, let alone on earth… the donor-owners call the shots. Forget political commentary from Washington D.C… go to the real power brokers… those are names to name… those are the homes to picket and the products to boycott.

  17. It is not complicated, it is the power of legalized corruption filled bribe money allowed into our politics! it is right in our faces and we are not allowed to do anything about it???? Graham is spot on calling it out as what it truly is "Class Warfare" and its been going on against the working class and the poor for over 40 plus years in a rigged for the wealthy system of legalized bribery!