Obnoxious CBS Host Berates Chinese Ambassador Over Ukraine

On a recent episode of CBS’s Sunday morning show “Face the Nation,” host Margaret Brennan badgered, berated and harangued at Chinese Ambassador to the U.S. Qin Gang, demanding that the Chinese “condemn” the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite the verbal onslaught and repeated interruptions, Gang remains calm and tells Brennan that it’s naive to think that condemnation, rather than assertively encouraging a negotiated settlement, will do much to resolve the conflict.

Jimmy notes the contrast between Brennan’s irrationally aggressive cross-examination and the ambassador’s calm reserve.

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  1. Why she didn’t have same energy for Mitch or the Pfizer guy in the segment before this?? The desperation to control the narrative is bring out the Karen in of all of them…

  2. Also, can anyone here, realize that, chinese wolf diplomacy is much worst than what we are seeing there. But of course, none of you knows anything about the CCP. Clown level shit, really.

  3. I don't think she understands the word "friendly". Seems she only understands aggression and submission. Of course, that means accept Western aggression and Eastern submission.

  4. What an ignorant Journalist?? She lacks diplomacy herself yet she's going to preach one country about another country?? She's definitely a "Karen"..a rabid one! "Here's your cupcake Karen"

  5. I felt sorry for her… she is trying hard to keep her job, but sounded like, with her word choice.. Putin had been asking for peace talk but the US didnt want as thwy still need to sell more wepons…

  6. Ambassador: an accredited diplomat sent by a country as its OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE to a foreign country. This reporter truly displays the fruits of an American education. I am ashamed of her behavior.

  7. She doesn't want us to hear what he has to say…he's trying to talk about solutions and she's screaming condemn, condemn, condemn! This is why I don't watch MSM + all they do is lie!

  8. Let’s play a game: A new president of France or Spain or Germany comes to power in 2000, stays in power for 22 years while curtailing democratic norms at home and exchanging in foreign adventurism abroad, and starts speaking about the historical grievances about lost territory after colonial period. most leftists would be outraged.

    Yet the same individuals seem to be willing to deny or downplay all the subjects discussed above (Ukraine independence movements, Russian oppressive of Ukraine, Russian imperialism, President Putin’s thirst for territory and military adventurism abroad—see Chechen Republic, Russo-Georgian War, and military intervention in Syria—plus Crimea/Current invasion.

    Why is Ukraine held to a different standard? NATO expansion, greedy corporations, American intervention are the common responses worth discussing and analyzing.

    However, undermining all three is a set of beliefs that goes something like this: 1.) America has a monopoly on imperialism. 2.) Every time another country demonstrates imperialistic tendencies, it is America’s fault. 3.) No other state or individual in the world has agency.

    In short, state leaders can’t be held accountable because “it is always America’s fault” and foreign invaders can’t be held accountable because “it is always America’s fault.”

    These claims fallacious because they ignore the social and historical causes of conflicts. If America vanished today, it would not eliminate religious fundamentalism in the middle east, tribalism in Africa, or totalitarian in Asia. Second, these claims are also dangerous because they disempower the citizens of the world who are striving for democracy, reduction of police brutality, the reallocation of resources, climate change, workers’ rights, indigenous rights by essentially saying, “Let’s not center this conversation around you, let’s redirect it back to me: WHAT ABOUT AMERICA!? WHAT ABOUT AMERICA!?

    We live in a complicated world and we require a multifaceted and flexible approach when discussing foreign policy—an approach that prioritizes the desires/experiences of the oppressed.

    Not one that protects the oppressor or makes excuses for the oppressors to score points against America.

    Only by discussing all the facets of a problem can we achieve the right solution. Those who refuse to do this or can’t do this are not doing the oppressed peoples of the world any favors.

  9. 9:07 😂 Jimmy has me giggling like a school girl on this part! And he’s so right about the psychology of people who watch the news – they just want to find someone to attack.

    Great job as always Jimmy!

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