OBNOXIOUS Defense Spending BLOATS New $40B Ukraine Aid Bill: Ryan Grim

Ryan Grim breaks down line-by-line where funds are allocated in the new $40B Ukraine aid package passed by Congress.

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  1. We should send $40,000,000,000,000 to Ukraine right now. For freedom, derrrr. This is what Ryan Grimm is all about everyday supporting the corrupt criminal cleptocracy and blaming "whites" for every social ill in America due to "racism".

  2. Money laundering is clearly what they're doing, while simultaneously devaluing the USD. No money for universal healthcare, aid or elimination of college tuitions, nothing toward reducing or eliminating domestic homelessness. Of crumbling infrastructure is also neglected and again the same criminals claim there's no money available to address that either. BOTH criminal parties signed off on this corruption.

  3. Need to pay the clown Zelinsky actor to act with his circus too!!! You mean no one noticed Zelinsky bloated up twice his size since the war began . While the poor Ukrainians got bombed and killed or hidden in some underground bunker getting limited food supply and heavily sleep deprived , Zelinsky keeps eating and sleeping and eating and sleeping and eating …..u get the idea ? End of discussion .

  4. Every Politician who voted for this waste of taxpayers dollars should be voted out and that is ALL the Democrats and most of the Republicans!!! American children are going hungry. American Families are becoming homeless. Businesses are faltering. Why would we send 40 Billion over to another country and ignore suffering in America????

  5. This spending is what Americans should be up in arms about and protesting.

    I had to watch this clip in doses because everytime Ryan quoted a figure, I felt my blood start to boil.

  6. Ryan only half a point for this. Massie is consistent and libertarians want voluntary funding for everything. Not coercion (ie income tax)

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