Obvious Cheating On Coin Toss In Iowa Caucus

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  1. As non american this is extremely bizarre.why arent people protesting or riot in the streets or something?why are u guys accepting a rigged result laying down?is this the democracy that the US is so proud of??

  2. I had the same initial reaction as everyone else here. But after watching over & over & listening real carefully, I came to conclude that kid is some foreigner, maybe a tourist. In fact, I saw a video of tourists from southern Asia go to the Iowa caucus to witness Iowa democracy at work. As hard as it might be to believe, I think they picked this kid who was not familiar with coin flips because he'd be unbiased. If you listen, you will notice people instructing him how to do the coin flip throughout the process. So it seemed pretty obvious to me that he didn't know what he was doing & was winging it as the people instructed. Then a person calls heads, but he may naively have thought he was following instruction still. You will also hear him say "I cheated…", and someone ask if he wants to redo it. However, Buttigieg voters wanted to keep that fake coin result and yelled it as the kid was talking, and Bernie people failed to protest. Ultimately, they should have had the kid who was not familiar with coin tosses to flip it on the ground (preferably on some soft material like cloth so it doesn't roll around too far.)

  3. Clare Daly, Member of the European Parliament, condemns Election Interference in Iowa: "Bernie Sanders is on top of the polls, even though we all know the Democratic Establishment hates him. Then we find out the Democrats used an App for the Iowa Vote Count built by a company that had taken $42,000 from another vandidate, Pete Buttigieg. The App broke, the Democrats supressed the result, Mr. Buttigieg himself comes out, announces himself the winner and happy days! Now, if this was a Reality TV Show, we'd be laughing. If it was Iran, Syria or Russia, we'd be suspending the debate here and we'd be apoplectic in our condemnation. But because it's the United States, that 'great country' that spends so much time bringing Democracy to the rest of the world, we say nothing! Well, it's a bad day and a blight on any semblance of Democracy!"

  4. It sounds like he says i changed it, then he clams up and just stares at it, then they call it… Im probly wrong but thats how it looked and sounded to me.

  5. Someone tell all these assholes your supposed to flip it to the BACKSIDE of the opposite hand… Even in Jim's Example he's flipping it into his palm, who fucking does that?

  6. Wow democracy actually doesn’t exist in America, in any form whatsoever.
    This is worse than a North Korean election, it’s so blatant and the lack of reaction among the masses shows you that they are a enslaved and apathetic population. In 1930s this kind of stuff would mean the people would rise up in arms and restore democracy.

  7. And then when you ask for monitors or poll workers or even identification cards to prevent cheating at the poll booth, the Democrats always say “there’s nothing to see here these elections are fine”

  8. The moral of the story…. when the DNC is in charge get a referee to flip the coin toss not a tool. Also, this is a election, who in the hell does a coin flip?