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Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem, Dave and Robbie discuss the recent article by Seymour Hersh, detailing the operations taken by U.S. Special Forces months earlier that led to the explosion that destroyed the Nord stream Two Pipeline.

This Episode Was Recorded On 2.10.23


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Written by Dave Smith


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  1. Once again Dave smith proves himself to be only capable of surface level thinking. The worst part is that he connects these surface level dots,which is the low hanging fruit, and by doing this he imagines himself to be a brilliant thinker. Russia pipeline + leverage + plus make money + plus Assad gassing his own people similarity = Russia couldn’t have done it.
    America bad + America capable + America love money + America want Germany to hate Russia + world hegemony + Seymour hirsh and his anonymous source= America responsible. Yeah way to go Dave you’re a brilliant multilevel thinker. You’re deep and nuanced understanding of the world around you is astounding and people should deff spend time during their lives just to listen and watch you navigate these complex issues.

    90% of you will not be able to follow along from here on out because like Dave smith you live on the surface but for those of you with even the tiniest amount or critical thinking skills feel free to tag along.

    1) saying “why would Putin blow up his own pipeline” is ignorant of current events and also Russian history. Their is a fundamental aspect of Russian culture that involves sacrafice of man and material to achieve one’s aims. From Stalin not allowing his own cities to be evacuated during ww2 to communism right up to Vladimir Putin shutting off the gas to countries like Germany, Poland and Finland during this conflict. Combine this willingness for self sacrifice with the fact that Vladimir Putin has been using his gas pipelines specifically for blackmail purposes during the last 2 decades and you start to see how not reductions it actually is. Even at the start of the conflict with Ukraine in 2012- 2013 Putin was sacrificing his own position in regards to gas and pipelines as a way to blackmail Ukraine.

    2) let’s be clear here Russia does not have a single shred of leverage in so far as the pipelines are concerned. He did have the potential for shutting down or limiting the flow of gas through the two pipelines as a leverage play In the beginning of the conflict but unfortunately he has already played that hand to no success. Once you play your hand and it doesn’t work that’s it you’ve now lost that leverage for good. You cannot load that bullet back into the chamber. Putin started by threatening to limit the gas flow and was continually rebuked buy the western countries who all said we are no longer going to buy Russian gas. That’s it it’s over. So Putin tried again and again each time shutting the gas more and more. Until finally he made up some bogus story about the pipelines being damaged and him not being able ti get the parts needed and so he shut the pipeline completely. Leverage played. Response by Germany: no thanks we’re good.
    So now you are Russia you had the gas flow and leverage but it didn’t work, what are you going to do turn the pipes back on and then start all over saying you will shut the gas? No of course not so when you say something like “Putin could have just shut the gas if he wanted to” it just honestly looks humiliatingly stupid.

    3) by blowing his load with the pipeline shutdown Putin found himself in violation of the contracts signed between the western countries and Gasprom. The penalty’s for such an act were severe and acrueing daily. Putin and Russia were on the receiving end of multi billion dollar penalty’s and the worst part is not only did you sink money into building the dam pipelines that are now turned off but your getting fined for turning them off and now the whole west knows that if they really start to struggle this winter they can always negotiate the reduction of sanctions in return for some gas. So you see the pipelines are no longer leverage for Putin but leverage for the western countries. The leverage jumped sides. Combine that with the fact that the dead pipelines are also an embarrassment for Russia. A multi billion dollar energy infrastructure project that sits in ruins because of Putins greed.

    5) the United States had no reason to want to destroy nord stream. The pipelines were dead never to be used again. All of your western Allie’s am have found replacements for Russian gas. They have all said that not matter what sacrafice the people of Europe have to make it will be done to make sure we never again have to deal with Russia. So what is their to gain by destroying them. All that does is potentially drive your allies away from you.

  2. Do you think it's a mistake that since 2016 and beyond "The Russians" have been the boogeyman in all of Western mainstream media? They have been putting "Russia Bad" into the American psyche for nearly a decade.

  3. When Trump would complain to NATO that the US is basically funding the whole thing, this is exactly why; so we have leverage when our interests conflicts with Europe's. That's the part the deep state wouldn't tell Trump. They didnt treat him as their commander in chief. They treated him as an outsider and kept him in the dark because they didn't trust he wouldn't blow the whistle on the whole thing.

  4. The debanking trend is going to ramp up quickly. There was a story about a journalist from Germany reporting unfavorably of the Ukrainian tactics in the current war who was banned from everything and her mother had her savings seized from her bank accounts b/c it was determined that she was financially supporting her daughter. Junaurrry zigth was the first of many events that will become bannable offenses to have attended.

    Dave, I understand why you hate airbnb. B/c you have money. For those of us making less than 150K per year who travel a lot, it is absolutely vital to have access to this app. You don't even need to write a paragraph. Just leave it blank and don't rate anyone. Hosts will still try like hell to get a good rating from you anyway.

  5. One major advantage a so called “spy balloon” would have over a satellite would be in gathering SIGINT. Particularly because a balloon flying at 80,000 feet would be well below the ionosphere and therefore would be able to intercept radio transmissions from many more terrestrial radio systems than a satellite flying in low earth orbit at an altitude of perhaps 1200 miles. Even if the radio transmissions were encrypted in a way that could not deciphered, gathering this type of signals intel would give the CCP a lot of data regarding transmission locations, times of day, and perhaps even what types of radio equipment is being used. Combine that would better photographic data and you can start to see how an object like this could be producing a valuable survey of American military sites and transmission methods.

  6. Of course felons can use air bnb, while dissenters cannot. Felons are more ideolically aligned to the left than anti government types. These companies all play this game with the American people, yet they keep funding their own oppression.

  7. This Ukraine war was being floated in December of 2020, by the US, when Ukraine said there was nothing out of the ordinary. Then, Feb. 2021, we’re in proxy war? They don’t even hide it. You just have to pay attention. Which our media actively does not.

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