Ocasio Cortez Calls For Democrats To RADICALIZE In Response To RBG’s Death, THIS WILL BACKFIRE

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  1. The Democrats have been radicalized for a while now…if Trump loses we're in big trouble. If the Dems get power they will make sure they never lose it again. If there's a country left for them to rule. I think they tried once already with Obama, but Trump snuck by, they won't make that mistake again.

  2. Tim, after years of watching you I can see your smart enough to see things clearly. That is why I must say you are a coward. You are not strong enough to survive what is coming. It is unfortunate because you seem nice.

  3. Regular person here Tim. We do NOT like this. I can’t stand to see any part of the nation I love burn. In order to maintain the freedoms of all, those who would impede the rights of others must be dealt with. Those radical leftists who would destroy what freedom loving Americans build in their pursuit of happiness are just as guilty as foreign terrorists. BLM has shown that they don’t care about those they claim to stand for, they only want to destroy what they don’t have. It’s a narcissistic melding of envy and wrath and it needs to be stopped. I’ve approved of how our president has dealt with them so far, but enough is enough.

    Btw, $1mil bail is not excessive because of crowdsourcing. For individuals, not connected to a nation wide organization, it would be excessive, but with the support of leftists like AOC, they can get word out and crowdsource their bail. We need to make it difficult for these maniacs to get back on the streets, not lower the bar to the ground.

  4. The right is the side of rights. As far as the "right to healthcare" is concerned, the reason why people on the right don't talk about it is because it already exists for everyone and has existed for everyone since the dawn of time, so what is there to discuss? Correct me if I'm wrong, but has anyone ever been told that they were NOT allowed to care for their own health??? I didn't think so.

    Everyone is free to provide themselves with their own healthcare. The only thing people should NOT be free to do is force someone else to provide them with healthcare. YOUR health is YOUR responsibility. No one has the "right" to rob doctors of their skill or to rob citizens of their money.

  5. It would actually be quite funny to see a civil war break out and hundreds of thousands, possibly tens of millions, dead.
    As a century or so passes, children of the future will learn of how a generation of Americans known as snowflakes brought about it's greatest tragedy.
    Might end up being the nation's greatest teaching moment. Ridicule and ostracism can be powerful teachers.

  6. No Tim, people who say "I just want a healthcare" are a fucking morons.

    Its in fact way different. It is people with cash in their hand and bunch of hospitals to go to, but they cry "I just want the government to take the money from me, spend it accordingly and let me go to the hospital without paying".

    (Either that or they want the government to force other people to pay for them which would be even worse)

    Its never the millionares and billionares, its never the corporations who are taxed – its always a middle class. Middle class – the lifeblood of every society that bridges the gap between the ultra rich and favalas, possibly the thing that made west be what it is – and they want to run it to the ground?

    Healthcare is a human right just like housing is a human right. Government cannot ban you from obtaining it.
    Yes, if you have too low social credit score you can't buy NOR RENT property in China – but it seems that even so blatant legalized human right violation isn't a thing leftists care anymore – they care only about taking money from the rich.

  7. The "Left" will continue to go further left and do more damage to cities and this country. No matter what they will continue till this country is either destroyed or they are.


  9. Trump needs to fill the position of Supreme Court judge ASAP it’s urgently needed to stop the DemocRATs stealing election with their outrageous mail in no voter ID scam

  10. Reproductive rights? Call it what it is the right to kill my baby. There's no right to murder. Safe legal and rare. The state has no business in people's lives. Abortion is between patients and doctors.

  11. Anyone, including Tim, calling for nationalized health care, is a brain dead individual. You see the corrupt people in Congress from McConnell and others, down to the radical jackasses like AOC, and you want these people in charge of your health? Seriously, I question the sanity of anyone that wants this.

  12. Fake news. She didn't say "whether you like him or not."
    She said "Wether you AGREE with him or not."
    Those arent the same things. I like you, but I dont always agree. She just said "vote against Trump, not for Biden" again in a different way.

  13. Tim, you need to update your notion of modern socialism. Modern socialism isn't about taking over means of production. Have companies produce things, but regulate them extensively, set them up to fail by screwing up their incentives or making it harder to produce profits, and when things fall apart you have them to blame instead of failed government policy. Like Obamacare. Keep those insurance companies around so you can blame them for everything. Then when things fail you say we need more government to solve it. Remember during the Obamacare fight when conservatives said this would lead to socialized medicine they were mocked as conspiratorial crazies? We were told Obamacare would solve health care.

  14. I know she said "radicalize" Tim, but that's not even what she means. She thinks voting for Biden is radical. She's far left and has admitted to being a radical. Voting for Joe Biden is the same as voting for a moderate. Voting for a moderate is considered radical to radicals.

  15. Why do you keep saying that you respect disingenuous ideologies and people, Tim!?
    There's no such thing as democratic socialism, it's a canard – they're collectivists, they always resort to mob rule and violence.

  16. Trump is weak on healthcare? How? You cant answer because that isnt true. Not wanting Medicare for all is the strong position on healthcare, since he lowered drug prices and kept us from being gouged on medicine we create. You are weak, that's for sure. Wow! That was so easy!

  17. I think that's just it Tim. They can't get healthcare. And so because capitalism has them living paycheck to paycheck, your life has no freedom because you're either enslaved by health problems or enslaved working to pay for health care.

    And so because they struggle so bad with health and making ends meet, they need to riot and loot to get by. And there's just that many people that are that desperate.

    I kind of don't believe that, but that's their argument i guess.

  18. Guys, this is really really bad. We can not allow this to happen. This is the a fight for freedom not just for the US but for the WORLD. I will give MY LIFE for you if you will do the same for me. God Bless You ALL

  19. The difference between the right and the far right is huge, it feels like the difference between the left and the far left is small and getting smaller by the hour.

  20. So this lot have been screaming at regular people and patriots calling them radicalised by the "far right" and when they directly call for radicalision… Oh the irony…