Ocasio Cortez has BETRAYED The left And Will Vote For Biden, A Man Who Can’t Remember A Name

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  1. She went where the money from the DNC in support of her election took her. As if this racist bitch had any principles or brains…she's the perfect tool for the DNC.

  2. They are really determined to burn every bridge they have. It is too bad they are appointed in office, and those that get voted in harvest as many repeat dead voters, otherwise they would actually deal with the consequences of pissing people off.

  3. I think I know why you're a fence sitter. This is just a theory, but I think since you're a half grifter you ham up and emphasize what to know your right leaning audience will eat up, but you won't actually fully commit to selling out by going full right wing.

    That explains how you manage to contradict yourself so often and how it's been getting worse with time.
    That or you're just dumb.

  4. Can’t you see what’s happening? They’re desperately trying to avoid having to paying for their heinous crimes by beating President Trump in November. AOC was offered something pretty sweet or something extremely dire in order to play along. It’s not going to work. The will lose. The corruption that’ll be exposed will takedown politicians on both sides. Sheep no more!!!

  5. She took a check, not exactly hard to see. Her ideals lasted about a year. She has to cash in before she gets deleted from relevance.

  6. politics – the art to say a lot of words without saying anything and to survive long enough to take a very well payed position and accumulate power which you can trade in for lobby money, which will finaly make you (and if accumulated enough power also your family) milionaire(s)

  7. Doesn't make sense…. Tim. I get that she is progressive person, but she is just doing what all humans do when they get power. They are afraid to lose it so they bend the knee to keep it.

  8. Entire country has the same thought every time AOC is in the news – oh god, Congratulations you’ve ranted enough to fill a book report that no one assigned to you. Grade F.