Ocasio Cortez Threatens To Impeach Trump And Barr To Delay SCOTUS Nomination

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  1. AOC speaking above her station again. She is a minor politician, and the sooner she is taught that place, to sit down, shut up, and learn a thing… anything… about the real world, the better.

  2. The Democrats created this mess and they can’t control the monsters ( the mob the domestic terrorist) they let loose. Now the Trump & the patriots have clean up their ???

  3. I love this…. them starting impeachment discussions doesn't mean anything here. The president is still the president while an impeachment process is happening. He is only no longer the president when he is removed from office. We know it won't happen… and we know it won't happen before Saturday, and we know that Senate can confirm the pick in days and they are well within their constitutional powers.

  4. If they try impeaching Trump NOW, when they already failed to do so 8 MONTHS AGO, America needs a solid Republican government, and the Democrats need to end as a party. If you conceived a child when the last impeachment ended, that child would still not be born yet

  5. The scary thing about Tim example of the 5 college students living together that I think he doesn’t realize is that those 2 students WOULD destroy the whole house just to spite the other 3, there are plenty of people like that.

  6. This has become a fight against the orange man and a group of insane demon rats. And the orange man is trying to protect us and the insane ppl have completely forgot we are standing right there. Think about it ppl….. they are so completely obsessed with power that will sacrifice every signal one of us to get it. president Trump is the only thing stopping them from eating us all.

  7. biden/0bama/bernie/dems want supreme court nominee picked immediately… aren't they great? RBG admits that the supreme court nominee should be picked immediately debunking the entire left biden's stage iV Dementia is so severe now he's waving to empty fields of invisible biden supporters Trump gives a preview of the debates between him and biden; biden will be making himeself look like a total fool the entire time biden's hometown union reject's him & endorses Trump instead hahaha Biden's campaign collapses & dems are panicking biden really wants to raise taxes on the poor/moderates Trump triggers the libs by destroying biden with massively hilarious ad a demon has made an appearance at the DNC convention 2020 the dems/biden kick progs/AOC to the curb, dems don't want/need the progs/moderates voting biden 0bama says biden unfit for the presidency look at that 21 point shift from Biden to Trump biden just doomed himself with corrupt kamala harris as VP hahaha it'll be a trump 2020 landslide now Biden afraid to take cognitive test cuz it'll reveal his Stage IV dementia/alzheimers biden's dementia/alzheimers stage IV too severe to debate Trump biden wants to give healthcare to illegals & non-citizens at American's expense biden has advanced dementia/alzheimers disease nina turner calls biden a bowl of shit, hahaha nina will never be bidens VP now 85,000 lefties defect to the Trump Train in the last 60 days most of the country sides with Trump on stopping the left's violent riots, Trump has skyrocketed in the polls, BLM & riots are hurting biden massively

  8. Their quiver is full of broken arrows, also how DARE they use their oaths to justify this. They've been in violation of their oaths for the last four years, actively trying to overthrow a lawfully elected populist president.