Occupy Parliament Melbourne Opera

Written by Marty Focker


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  1. From a core of a few hundred courageous protesters . .despite tyrannical police to 100.000 on Saturday and now this.. It's been a long road to get the population to wake up! But its awesome to see the unity now. Go Melbourians!!!

  2. Lift the lockdowns and make everyone happy. If youre not vaccinated you cant go to the hospital for covid. Simple as that. Let society move on. No tax money or resources tied up. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Solidarity from Iranian Women ❤️🌿
    Let’s go Brandon !! This time for Andrew idiot 😂😂
    We also are fighting against brutal Islamic regime and We are %100 Sure Victory will be Ours ‼️💪🌹✌️

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