Occupy Parliament (Night 1, Melbourne) SECOND STREAM




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Written by Melbourne Ground


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  1. For thoughs that don't know this is what Dan Andrews bill of law has proposed
    What are the New Victorian Covid Rules?

    October 31, 2021 by Dave Lee

    Here’s a few of the strict new pandemic powers Dan Andrews has imposed on the Victorian people :Victorian Premier Can Declare a state of emergency for 3 months periods at a time. After a 4 week period, the power is handed over to the Health minister who has the power to continue the state of emergency indefinitely.Victorian premier make it law to shut down your business for the 3 month period without any recourseVictorian premier can force vaccinations on anyone in Victoria during the state of emergencyVictorian premier can quarantine anyone without reason and restrict movement of Victorians

    Here’s some strict new penalties imposed on the Victorian people :Max $90,000 fine for an individual breaking any emergency rules. This means that it’s possible for a police officer who doesn’t like someone, to give that person a $90,000 fine for not wearing a mask.Max $455,000 fine for a business who has broken any state emergency lawMax 2 years in Jail for anyone breaking any rule. That means that a Victorian police officer can put a person they don’t like in jail for 2 years for as little as not wearing a mask.

    After watching Victorian police abuse their powers in Victoria for almost 2 years now and Victoria breaking a world record for the longest lockdown city in the world. I and many other onlookers are extremely worried about giving these police any more powers. Considering the human rights violations that have already occurred.

    Here‘s the one page, simplistic explanation of the new emergency pandemic laws that Dan Andrews has rushed through parliament. The problem with his simplistic summary, is that these laws are over 100 pages long. And many experts in law are concerned, who have read the entire document.

    Pandemic Specific Powers

  2. Lots of love from a Melbourne born Aussie in the UK. So proud of you all! Keep up the music, always keep your sense of humour and stay united! Please play Blind Joe’s song ‘I will not comply.’ Never give up! 🌺🌸👍❤️🙏👏❤️🌸🌺

  3. My advice to all of you, who are ASSAULTED by these civil crimes : Do not budge. Not an inch! Not one "compromise" on your body and your mind, for what you give up now, will be lost.
    It may be difficult, the price may be high. But there is no tolerable alternative for freedom and integrity. And in the end, it iss a battle of wills.

    To encourage you, I'd like to quote Antero Rokka, Finland. "If you start to retreat, you can retreat all the way to the Baltic sea. The enemy will come after you. But if you stay put and don't go anywhere, what is he gonna do? That is the philosophy of defence tactics."

    There is nowhere to go. You must take your stand here. And make them beg, for these systems depend on you – not the other way around.

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