Occupy Parliament: Session 2. 6 am – 6 pm Tuesday 16th, November.

This is a ‘highlights’ from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm (Tuesday) 16.11.21. of a ‘Far Right’ mob who are occupying the steps of Parliament all day, every day. If you think there’s diversity in this video, wait for session 3!!!

If you appreciate these videos (and haven’t been financially smashed by bureaucratic decisions, Federal and State), please consider shouting me a coffee here:


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Written by True Arrow


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  1. Vote United Australia Party, end the madness of lockdown's and Mandates. Australians make sure we never let the Liberal or Labor win another Election anywhere or ever again.

  2. Vote Craig Kelly a trustworthy man.
    A man who honours freedom and truth. Vote fOr an honest election, no electronic voteing machines, no mail in ballots, and ID to vote is a must.
    Keep our elections honest. Those who want no ID to vote. They want FRAUD and TOTAL CONTROL.

  3. What Can You Do With A Maxine Passport?
    Catch Bovid, Spread Bovid! What Else?
    Hang On How Many Jib/Jab's Before It's Cancelled? Now It's A Climate Passport, Finacial Passport, Social Network Passport! Let's See Have You Done  Everything The Government Said? Hmm Ah NAH! Have You Used Too Much Carbon? Spent Too Much Money? Have You Said The Wrong Thing On Social Media? Did You Spend Too Much In A Small Business? Taken Your Next Booster? Have You Been Tested With A False Positive PCR Test? NAH! RED LIGHT! CANCELLED!

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