Occupy Parliament: Session 3.

If you appreciate these videos (and haven’t been financially smashed by bureaucratic decisions, Federal and State), please consider shouting me a coffee here: …or please watch some ads…unless they’re government propaganda ones of course. 😀

This is a ‘highlights’ from 6:00 pm, Wednesday (17.11.21) until the wee hours of a ‘Far Right’ mob who are occupying the steps of Parliament all day, every day.


Be civil in the comments, thank you.

Written by True Arrow


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  1. What Can You Do With A Maxine Passport?
    Catch Bovid, Spread Bovid! What Else?
    Hang On How Many Jib/Jab's Before It's Cancelled? Social Network Passport! Let's See Have You Done  Everything The Government Said? Hmm Ah NAH! Have You Used Too Much Carbon? Spent Too Much Money? Have You Said The Wrong Thing On Social Media? Did You Spend Too Much In A Small Business? Taken Your Next Booster? Have You Been Tested With A False Positive PCR Test? NAH! RED LIGHT! CANCELLED!


    Bovid Has never been Isolated. People are getting the flu with comorbidity or Maxine adverse effects. With more than 10,000 claims for damages. The test is flawed and then mistreatment or no treatment leads to deaths!

    Don't Check In And Don't Use Credit, Debit Or Efpos to pay Use Cash As The Bank Now Tells The Government Where You Have Used The Card.

  2. Need a Kiwi/NZ flag flying/present there for standing with you all..we do not know what our next step is here in NZ regarding rallies etc? ANZACS together…stay strong all…love and prayers…

  3. It's crazy when you read most of the msm general comments about all these issues they're completely brainwashed from what msm and the government has told them. They're blind sheep who cannot think for them self, or they think they do think for them self but they're only regurgitating what they have been brainwashed to believe.

  4. Wow what cultish self brainwashing and no, not all present are descendents of the diggers. As they are long gone and the context was Entirely different, it's a disrespect to drag them into the Qanonstyle rhetoric to prop egos up,.

  5. Be civil in the comments? NEVER!
    The communist government ain't civil to us so why should we? 😂
    Great job. The story of the guy that escaped from communist Vietnam only to be imprisoned for 2 years is very inspiring and evidence that humans can rise up and defeat this tyranny!

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