October 3, 2022 mRNA in the Human Milk – Chit Chat

October 3, 2022 mRNA in the Human Milk – Chit Chat

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This video is not intended to provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, or medical advice; it also does not constitute provision of healthcare services. The content provided in this video is for informational and educational purposes only.
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  1. Could you ask Dr Jessica Rose, now in Israel, to come on. She is very well read on recent covid-vaccine medical papers and has be researching VAERS. She is less impressed with the vaccine safety profile than you but is friendly and good at presentation.

  2. We can all be right or wrong, regardless of our "expertise". You , Sir, have an expertise that literally, we depend/trust upon. Maybe the approach should be, " To my best " …..""

  3. We all told you these things weren't safe from the start. You are a shill and don't care for peoples safety because you care more about the lies of governments and corrupt health institutions

  4. Why might this be the first vaccine to be found in breast milk? Can you do a talk that describes all the ways that these vaccines are different from previous vaccines? My concern is that a lot of organizations like my own are making policy decisions based on their historical decisions and rules regarding vaccines and vaccine mandates.

  5. Good chat. I've said all along that there should be an open discussion about the vaccines. People notice if this is not done. Then they ask why?
    Another for me, along the same lines, why do/did authorities (especially the UK) only give the option of vaccines containing the newer technology i.e. mRNA tech. Other vaccines trial results and real world data, match those of the mRNA vaccines, yet are not offered as a choice. This make me more suspicious of the motives involved.

  6. Oh yeh the government and the pharma companies have the best trolls, they are easy to spot because they are 100% on “official cdc message” within a few sentences.

    They appear to be deployed whenever an effective counternarrative is becoming popular. They were worse when we were in the full initial sales period but I am not surprised if more are around as they attempt to establish the “vaccines” as standard protocol, but we all can see it’s gonna take more than bots (it would take actual safety).

    Gov and corp bots being more populated means you are on the right track!!! Thank you for all your research and insight!

  7. Dr Been, have you seen the VAER’s reports out there for babies with breastfeeding mothers? They are very interesting AE’s reported. You should look them up.

  8. Thanks Drbeen❣️ Your lectures are very enjoyable and gives me insights in the marvelous ways of our cells. I see no hidden agenda, nor any bias. You are a real doctor, humitarian as well as a scientist❣️I was ill with covid in december 2020 and tested C-19 positive, so I rely on natural immunity. I’ve been offered 5 opportunities for vaccination, but NO THANKS.🇸🇪

  9. QQQ Khosta-2 is a Sarbecovirus which could jump to humans. This could be the next pandemic. Please review the following paper.

    An ACE2-dependent Sarbecovirus in Russian bats is resistant to SARS-CoV-2 vaccines

  10. Imagine if big pharma studied these "vaccines" the way Drbeen has. Millions of people would still be alive today, and tens of millions would have remained uninjured by the jab.

  11. MISINFORMATION!!! Please DO NOT use the word Immunization with regards to the Current Vaccine. The CDC changed the definition vaccine on 9-27-20. Changed from "provides Immunization against a disease" to "Vaccine MAY help with an illness." This was done when the current vaccines effectiveness was determined to be about zero. This is one of the reasons I BECAME VAX hesitant over the last two years. Thanks in Advance!

  12. Dr. mobeen some ppl are telling me all of this doesn’t matter and that spike is harmless because “The vaccine spike has been mutated at the K986 and V987 sites in the S2 subunit which keeps it locked in the prefusion state.” What are your thoughts on this?

  13. Pro appropriate shot (still like old definition that Only preventatives are vaccines, these shots are therapeutics and have appropriate use) but anti-inappropriate shot. As you point out, therapeutics come with risk evaluation and have observations of negative impacts at certain thresholds of dose as well as advisement against use for certain groups or ages or prior health issue contradictions. Emotional response is ‘hooray for our side response’… camps for concerns other than health.

  14. QQQQQQ Throughout the pandemic, have you ever thought to yourself, "the conspiracy theorists turned out to be right on this one"? If It has happened more than once, what has been the most shocking? Likewise, what's the most ridiculous-to-the-point-of-being-funny conspiracy theory you've heard?

  15. The reason people are so intent on supporting their original positions on vaccines is that they are looking for confirmation that they made the right choice. Confirmation bias is a very real thing.

  16. My opinion is as someone from Australia there was no issue in regards to people's choices to vaccinate or not until the govt and health officials got heavy handed and promoted fear of the virus and those who werent vaccinated as someone to be feared of…then the lockdowns were extended to 'encourage' aka coerce to get vaccinated so life could get back to 'normal' and the govt kept moving the goal post from 80% to 95% vaccinated. and even the unvaccinated could not enjoy freedoms till a few weeks after that as the state govt was trying to get even more people vaccinated. The govt's handling of the pandemic caused major division in society and it was sickening to observe and experience that.

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