Odds Increase that SARS CoV-2 was Lab Made

Do you believe you deserve to know if the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has upended the world, and your life, for the past 20 months was made by humans? I know I deserve to know that, as does everyone. Well, the field of that battle just got a little bit clearer.
A leaked document shows that in 2018 the EcoHealth alliance had pitched DARPA to fund a huge amount of work on bat coronaviruses including mixing and matching the most dangerous elements of them (so-called chimeric virus assemblies) as well as identifying and inserting the best human furin cleavage sites in them to increase pathogenicity. All of this work was to be done in collaboration with the Wuhan Institute of Virology up to and including playing a significant portion of “the bat lady’s” salary.
DARPA declined to fund this work over obvious concerns. No matter, this same work was funded by the NIH, which also, for unknown reasons, by-passed the usual institutional oversight governing such dangerous work.
So far the media is stone silent on this matter. We hope this video is allowed to stand on YouTube, as it is presenting facts and drawing some very obvious conclusions. However, it will also be embarrassing to certain layers of bureaucracy, so we all know the risks here. The emperor would very much like to continue believing he’s wearing a fine set of garments.
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Part I Links:
EcoHealth Alliance Website
The Seeker (DRASTIC member)
Media poo-pooing lab leak theory in 2020
Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2
Baric-Shi paper 2015
No Close Relatives of SARS2 with cleavage sites

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Episode 028
00:00 – Intro
00:49 – An Explosive Document Leak to DRASTIC
01:58 – The Bombshell! Insertion of Furin Cleavage Sites to Enhance Pathogenicity
08:07 – DRASTIC’s Opening Statement Part I
11:58 – DRASTIC’s Opening Statement Part II
14:50 – Key 2020 Moments in the Lab Leak Cover-Up
20:24 – The Bombshell
29:48 – Creation of Viruses Exactly Like the One That Causes COVID-19
32:33 – The Smoking Gun
39:38 – Conclusions for the DRASTIC Document Leak

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  1. I have followed you since early last year. What a vindication – I watched your other video's questioning the MSM narrative that this was "natural". Not even understanding what Furin Cleavage Site was – your video explained so clearly last May- that Covid was Lab Made. You are not just smart – you explain things so well, without any drama. Plus I always appreciate you cite your background materials & links, for anyone to double check your claims. Thank God for you!! They even BANNED your video's for a while – calling you a conspiracy theorist… WTF

  2. So some random (no offense Chris) youtube doctor can figure this all out, but our Government law agencies are such a bunch of comprised pussies that they cannot bring these wicked people to justice?!?!

  3. Peace 💙and💜 Blessings 💚Too My Brother 💜May 🧡God 💚Bless❤ You 💜Always 🧡May God💚 Bless You💙 Richly 💜with ❤Everything You 💛need 💜Always 🧡Much❤ Love 💙Blessings🧡 Always ✌ 💯 🌈 🎇 🌐 🧡💜💜💜💛💜💜🧡🧡💚💚💚✌💯

  4. May 🧡God❤ Be 💜With 💛You Always ❤Much💙 Love💚 Blessings ❤Always ✌ 💯 🌈 🎇 🌐 💜❤❤❤❤💜💜💜❤💜❤💜❤💜💜💛💜💛💛💛✌💯

  5. Awesome work as always Chris. But two things bother me: First; if these inserts were required to make a natural bat virus more virulent in humans, how did the miners catch it? ..or more to the point, could they have transmitted that version (ad infinitum like CV-19) without lab tweaks. Second; what is/was the purpose of this version of the virus? Patents? Because if the globally infamous version with 99% survivability is the goal, its a shitty bio-weapon… thus the only goal could be sales and more importantly "political GoF" via fear and forced vax! Please confirm that! To quote a Reddit meme: The virus was made for the vax, not the other way around! Thx!!!

  6. also. do we know it came from wuhan, or is tel aviv more likely? cause fauci is denying that the gain of function stuff in wuhan didnt create teh cov sars 2. so where was it made?

  7. Very interesting, but I can see a major flaw with this theory. I'm not attempting to debunk anything, but would welcome an explanation.
    If the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic had started in Wuhan, in December, or even November or October 2019, as this video and many other channels seem to be suggesting, how come that the virus SARS-CoV-2 or its exact antibodies were found much earlier on the other side of the world? Here are some examples – all sources were from scientific research papers, although one or two found their way into the mainstream media almost as footnotes, but totally failed to grab anyone's attention, despite their enormous implications as to the origin of the virus.

    >> Doctors in several Paris hospitals reviewed the evidence and retained samples of patients who had died in November and December 2019 from an unconfirmed disease, and attributed to an "aggressive form of influenza" or "atypical pneumonia". Not all samples were retained, but some were, and – now that the SARS-CoV-2 genome was known, they retested the blood samples looking specifically for this virus, and found it in at least one death in early December. They also examined the chest imaging, and found the now typical ground glass appearance in several samples. The deceased patients had no links to China. In order to dies at the Paris hospital in December, the patient had to become infected with SARS-CoV-2 at least in November 2019 and quite possibly earlier.

    >> An Italian country wide prospective study into smokers and lung disease had been following the study participants for some years, taking – and luckily retaining – their blood samples, as well as other health records. The blood samples were retested and the presence of the specific SARS-CoV-2 antibodies were found in every single region of Italy, including the islands of Sardinia and Sicily. Largest concentrations were in Lombardy and Veneto regions, and over 11% of the retained blood samples tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, suggesting that the virus was endemic in Italy by the time of sampling. All the samples dated from August 2019 through to the start of the pandemic. The earliest confirmed case was 3rd September 2019, meaning that the infection must have occurred in mid August 2019 at the latest, as it takes 2 weeks for antibodies to develop. All cases were asymptomatic, as the the notes of participants general health were also recorded on a regular basis. Whatever the source of the first infection in Italy, the virus must have been in circulation for some time to spread so extensively across the whole of Italy and to be present in 11% of the trial participants (of which there were just under a thousand).

    >> Frozen sewage samples from Barcelona, Spain, were thawed and tested for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. The earliest retained sample which contained the virus dated back to March 2019.

    How could a virus, which theoretically escaped from a lab in Wuhan in November / December 2019, have been present in Spain in March 2019, in Italy in August 2019 and in Paris in November 2019? If it escaped earlier, why did it take so much longer to travel down the road from the lab to the Wuhan wet market, when it was able to travel round the world and be in multiple locations in Europe almost a year earlier?

    How can that be explained?

    I don't know enough about genetic mutations and evolution to be able to form a judgement about the plausibility of the lab leak story, but I guess it's possible. However, I'd be looking for a research lab in Europe, not in China.

    The animal source of the virus hasn't been found, but that could be because the researchers are looking in the wrong place. The source could have been in mink farms in the Netherlands (many of these animals had to be culled) or in any of the other farm factories where animals are kept in tightly contained, crowded buildings.

    Is it possible that experiments on the virus had already been going on in Europe for some time? And when the experimenters realised that the story was about to break, they hastily decided to take it to Wuhan and release it there in order to confuse the trail?

    Perhaps the new coronavirus emerged in identical separate outbreaks in parallel on two continents? Highly unlikely, in my opinion.

    While this video is compelling, the timing doesn't fit, or there is more to the story. What's your explanation?

  8. Popular Mechanics dated December 2014 has article on The scientist who created a deadly virus on page 54. "The man who could destroy the world by Mike Magnuson. In 2012 the results of Yoshihiro Kawaoka, a professor of Virology, was published in Nature as well as the journal Cell Host & Microbe.
    On February 28, 2004, an article on super Flu appeared in New Scientist. Article, "Superflu is being brewed in the lab by Rachel Novak, Melbourne. Page 6. Also one on page 7, " Could a deadly virus escape the lab" .
    There are more articles, "Safety concerns over injectable Quantum dots" !!!!!!!!!

  9. New Scientist, 28 Feb 2004 also have an article" Down with the flu? " Discussing designer viruses. The antivirals mentioned are Zanamivir as well as Oseltamivir, alias Tamiflu. Hope this will assist in your research Dr Chris. Thanx and good luck in informing us.

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