Officers RAID doctor surgery in Melbourne

Authorised officers have raided a surgery in Melbourne, taking confidential patient documents pursuant of Covid health orders. SHARE the full story:

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  1. Demons not police or health department ! Entered Time of rise of antichrist ! he has a short time! And then God of Abraham issac amd Jacob will deal with all satans minions and him them!

  2. The fact that these people carry out such orders shows. They would've carried out executions in nazi Germany "for the greater good". History shows the majority of us probably would.

  3. What the hell is going on. Patients private health information is off limits to those who are not authorized by patient and doctor of patient to have them. Everyone should be standing up against this whether you are vaxed or not vaxed. This country unfortunately is full of ignorant and stupid people. Where did those people who just rolled over and ran at top speed to get the jab think this was going to end. the vaxed have just doomed themselves and everyone else.

  4. This is why Doctors in Perth are running scared. Not giving exemptions to those who will be compromised by the Vaccines because they can loose their license to practice medicine in Australia and be fined up to $100,000.
    Even Specialists are being threatened.

  5. Get out of Victoria now ! If all useful people walked out today it would be two weeks before the gov collapses. Doctors have less to worry about money wise, they can walk out and not return. Close the surgery , get out and send messages to the patients their gov is waging war on them.

  6. Do the bloody patients give them permission to take and look through there private files.
    Now this hero dr clinic is closed who will look after all his sick and elderly patients, patients the same age as our fathers , mothers and severely sick on medication that need repeat script and check ups .it a disgrace im furious.

  7. This is no longer vaxxed vs unvaxxed, we need to unite together and stand up to this bullshit! The sooner the better before it will cost numerous lives to abolish the present fuxkery.

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