Offices are Empty – December 2022 Vacancy Rate Update

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Office vacancy rates continue to grow. Transitionary or a change in culture?


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  1. Haha, I look back on the "olden days" with such disdain, and STILL dread my only 1 day a week 50min each way commute into the city on a Wednesday lol. Most of us in my team admit that Thursday's a recovery day! I cannot believe the colossal waste of time a commute is- and yet the QLD government STILL doesn't get it, with all their infrastructure projects only really happening within their precious 5km radius of the city! Thankfully my employer has now given up the lease of 1 of our floors, so it's a good sign that it's here to stay!

  2. So apparently……..there’s another sniffles outbreak in China? ( but flights still out daily)

    Wouldn’t this be a good time too utilise our quarantine centres?🤣🤣🤣.

    No one is coming, even without quarantining 🤣🤣🤣.

    Buy up FBR the future!

  3. Not just offices vacant, there are lots of street shops vacant. When I commuted by train, I took a book along. Did a lot of reading during those commutes. I preferred driving because I took home lots of new goods the company was throwing out and I sold quite a bit on the selling sites. Paid for the petrol.

  4. ASX closed for the year today with Energy, Utilities then Real Estate filling the best performing sectors in a tough year. All finished green.

  5. The figures for 2021 can't be right, especially in Sydney. The GDP rate had dropped to levels worst than in the 1990s and unlike the recession in the 1990s, more workers had the ability to work from home in 2021 than in 1990.

  6. I worked from Home all during the Pandemic. We all went back to the office once we were allowed but now many are working at least some days at home. I am doing 2 days a week at home and 3 in the office. I love it and would not change it.

  7. Not just the CBD …. work from home … lie flat …. centrelink … teaching ….
    Did I say teaching? Eh …. i meant brainwashing the woke agenda …. like Labor and the Greens.

  8. No one is interested to ho back to office
    Neither companies want you to come to office.
    It is saving money for employees and companies as well.

    Only banks, , property landlords of commercial real estate , etc have issues

    For rest all it is very good WFH

  9. Definitely feels like we are all in the middle of a Culture shift here, in Australia. This was an Excellent end of year Video Heise Says. Thank You. Have a Happy New Year 🎉 🥂celebrating time 🥳

  10. i think maybe alot of these office buildings are going to be turned into residential buildings to accommodate cheap rent for people, mostly migrants, and in the future the cbd is going to be more of a ghetto/ poor person area. rip to anybody who bought an apartment in the city in the last few years.

  11. I predict that very soon we will be using holograms to 'beam in' to meetings, which will resolve the issue of not being able to sit physically in a meeting room. We will just need to replace the pajama bottoms with work attire!

  12. I live in WA they keep telling us Perth is back to pre pandemic levels in the CBD but a look at the public transport figures says otherwise, parking at my local train station was full by 7AM weekdays now around 30% empty I think 🤔Vacancy rate doesn't equate to bums on seats

  13. Look at all the small shops that have closed dry cleaners small eateries
    Coved put thousands out off work
    Yes it won't ever return with th a t and d t opting int r ist rates to all time lows and printing millions off dollars it's a rolling disaster like a freight train going down hill backwards when will it stop

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