Officials ADMIT LYING To Trump To SUBVERT His Orders, Keep Troops In Middle East

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  1. They're mass banning people on social media sites, trying to hush everyone now especially after the democrats election bullshite they pulled. How far will the Americans let this go? You're going to let them drag down the whole west?

  2. It boggles my mind that people let themselves be blatantly manipulated by celebrities and the media. This election came as a shock to me. Not an American, I'm European and many countries heres, specially the western ones, struggle with the same crazy left-wing politics.

  3. The establishment elite weasel and their useful idiots continue to destroy our freedom and our country… President must continue to drain the swamp and prosecute to the deep state weasel

  4. I’m sorry. I’m sure it’s difficult to see what you’ve seen knowing the actions of a country you call home was partly responsible. Militaries engaging one another isn’t the only suffering created by the Obama fan club against innocent children. Look at Epstein, pizza gate. To simply name a couple. No regard for the value of innocent lives though his lips promise otherwise

  5. Maybe confirmation bias on my part but it seems to prove what I've been saying for years: the president doesn't run the country, the beaurocrats do.