Oh F*ck, He’s At It Again

As Bill Gates buys up yet more farmland, are we seeing the systematic transfer of land from farmers to oligarchs happening in real time?
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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Aside from this very very pertinent and serious subject matter, I just have to note how very attractive our Russell continues to be !
    I mean, that cheekily open and wild shirt is a big tease! Such fun!

  2. I believe it was Joseph Stiglitz that summarized a similar issue somewhere (talking about economies, markets and central governments,) I'm badly paraphrasing from memory, but it boils down that in markets, it's decentralized decision-making of free agents that make it more robust against crises. Whereas a central body, assuming maybe a rise in the decline of apples based on imperfect information, would make a decision that could turn catastrophic. Stiglitz was arguing that information awareness is always imperfect, and it is the assumption otherwise of central planners that was at the root of failing communist markets.

    In this case, the argument I would make, is that free markets and individuals are better fit to make choices about what is eaten and farmed, not activist billionaires with an utopic agenda. But for the more serious consequences, history certainly has many lessons on things other than esthetics and palate when the managerial classes interfere and farmlands are centralized and local farmers are uprooted. This is a new age of billionaire "apparat-chiques".

  3. Nothing to do with kill gates putting money into synthetic beef, so buying up land that grows food for cattle farms, so he can control the supply, and then push his crap meat on the population then eh?

  4. Bill Gates has never owned a pair of wellies in his life. If he wants to get busy with the land, there's a shit-load of weeding that needs doing in my garden. He can't sort out my Windows 2000 while he's here.

  5. Bill Gates seems to behave as a Medieval lord, owning a maximum of lands & having farmers as serfs.
    Truly, this old farmer interviewed is much smarter than the reporter !.👨‍🌾🧠 He ‘s probably a fan of your channel Russell 😊

    Yeah, let World be complex, localize activities, let people & communities be more independent, deal with what they know.

    Mister Big men, who do you think you are? Stop centralize & globalize, controlling people lives for your own profit ! Let humanity breath & evolve naturally. 🌏🌿

  6. Gates is buying up land so he can better control the world's food supply. All farms will be run electronically using weather modifications if needed in the future. I don't doubt the majority of farms will be run by big business.

  7. When the "Gates puppet" has it's power disconnected 😉 😉 😉 the land should be given back to Americans so don't worry so much, he's just one puppet, expendable by the globalists although he's made them a shit-ton of drug pushing profits yeah? When the house of cards finally starts to tumble faster old puppet Bill will be underneath you can be sure of that, serves him right.

  8. There have been plenty of instances where dictators have interfered with farming practices resulting in famine. The chief culprit was Mao, who caused between 30 to 45 MILLION to die of famine. Stalin caused a mere 3.9 million famine deaths and then caused the holador where he used famine as a weapon in Ukraine. Pol Pot sent over 2 million out into the fields to die. Rhodesia was known as 'the breadbasket of Africa' until the farmers were 'taken over' and turned off their land, now there is starvation.

  9. Reading between the lines of the farmers words, I believe his concern is corporate mismanagement of the land and his personal ties to farming in the US.
    The problem of food being mismanaged or severely controlled is going to be ours, which is why he wasn't saying much about it.
    I think he's also personally invested, maybe because he's watching the collapse of his friends farms or the collapse of the farming community due to take overs, and he was perhaps unintentionally hiding behind the complexities of production. Perhaps he just wanted to say "them damn city slickers dont know sh1t from a shovel, I dont want them taking over my farm".

    I agree with him if this is the case. I do not trust gates to do things properly nor do I see good things happening if big business takes over farming. The practices of tractor suppliers has already proven predatory and has shone the light on the right to repair movement and its necessity in the modern day.

  10. Decentralized power is so important, especially in the face of complex, interconnected and unpredictable systems. The centralization of power has never failed to result in the deaths of millions of people, and the degradation of the natural environment.

  11. Russell knows what he's talking about there is an agenda Bill Gates Anthony fauci George Soros the clintons dividends the Obama's bushes Nancy Pelosi not just activity iceberg people lift the veil and really see what's going on this is serious

  12. You render a potentially interesting material unlistenable with your constant very irritating puerile interjections. I understand you feel they're necessary as part of your public image, but really they are not. They are patently forced and it repulses me. You're nearly 50 now, for heavens sakes move on. It is possible to move on building on your persona in a creative way. Don't be scared.

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