Oh Look – Biden’s Crack Head Son Waiving Illegal Gun While High On Crack



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  1. The news will probably say he was in such a hurry to show what a danger pew pews are that he forgot to get dressed. Then he wanted to show how using drugs is bad and that prostitutes are people too. They will probably say Trump’s son lied on his taxes to throw people off on the left.

  2. When they go into the gang infested areas to get their guns. When the elites stop having armed guards. When the two groups are completely disarmed, I might think about the possibility of giving up my guns.

  3. No American should be held accountable for their actions until the "First Family" is held accountable for theirs. Lead by example no? BIDET-IN-CHIEF.

  4. I used to think Biden hair sniffing and swimming naked with the Secret Service there was pretty messed up. Now I realize how naive I was and how corrupt and dysfunctional this syndicate family is.
    The problem is no one in the bullpen is qualified either. America, where are you now??

  5. The way this CROOKED outfit works, it's Trump's fault, let's Impeach him again, and lock him up, can just hear em now, my question to Y'all is , how long are we going to sit around, suffer from these idiots ignorance, and watch these Evil lizard creatures trash our Beautiful Country that our Patriotic Ancestors Fought And D I E D FOR, how long fellow Patriots?🌚🌑 ULTRA DARK SALTY MAGAA KING BABY 🌑🌚👑🧂 RRRRReeeEeee 🧂 LET'S GO BRANDON WINNING WINNERS WINNING BIGLY AWAKE NOT WOKE GO ELON 🚀 45 FOR LIFE 👑 PUREBLOOD 🩸🧂 COME TRY AND TAKE EM 💪💥💯❤️🤍💙🇺🇲👍👌

  6. There are two sets of laws for people in this country. The rich and so called elite don't seem to have to follow the same laws as the rest of us. They never pay the same penalties as the rest of us. This needs to stop.

  7. Kicked out of the Navy for his drug use you forgot to mention . And I will add that not only does he have his finger on the trigger ( unlike Alex Baldwin un huh ) but the hammer is cocked back . Will also point out the caliber of the pistol is a .38 Super . Which is more powerful than the 9mm the big guy says can blow a lung clean out of a body . Hey , it's the smartest guy he knows , right ?.

  8. He admitted his crack addiction during the TV interview he did I think
    on ABC. He said he would crawl on the floor looking for pieces of crack he may
    have dropped and also admitted he probably smoked parmesan cheese that
    had fallen on the floor too.
    How filthy are these people? Imagine what the house keeper could tell us!!
    They act superior to everyone else, but are in fact SCUM OF THE EARTH!

  9. Putin could not have installed a better regime to destroy america than the democrats. His army grows strong while our own gubmt weakens us daily.

  10. Am I the only one who can plainly see that Hunter has a meth pipe in his mouth,not a crack pipe? They are both glass but there are differences.Anyone want to hear what they are ?

  11. Everyone just assumed that a crime wasn't committed with that gun and that's actually why it was thrown away. No, she was just scared he would kill himself so it was the best thing she could come up with in order to get it away from him. Yea, totally legit. Whenever people are worried about their loved one's committing suicide they thrown a gun in a dumpster and don't try to get them actual help. And no brain-dead criminal has ever committed a crime and then thrown the weapon into a random dumpster. Nope never.

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