Oh my, how times have changed…

We take a visit back to when Joe spoke about unity and how important it is seems times have changed


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Have a wonderful day or night wherever you may be and remember to laugh more🤣


Written by Sivaady


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  1. It is surprising how many humans do not feel they have the divine right to experience an abundant

    life. This is so sad, when you consider that true abundance isn't something bought, or given, it is

    something that is shared. Till at last we rise forever in the arms of perfect love.

  2. stop the " SHOUTTING " says the idiot who gets on people's face, that can kick his ass, but he knows that his security detail will stop the other guy , he has difficulty talking between his fake snow white dentures,

  3. To abuse a poor old fart like this is criminal. I dont believe that he is lying He is a life long politician. He wouldn't know the truth if jumped up a bit him the ass.

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