Oh No, He Didn’t Just Say That…

John Kirby is based?

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  1. a black man asked a white liberal politician what he was going to do to compensate innocent civilian victims of drone strikes in africa and he told him "all lives matter". are we still not convinced that liberal demoncrats are the must disgusting form of hypocrisy ever conceived?

  2. So the United States kills a terrorist and because said terrorist is no longer able to bomb people the US should be giving the people he bombed/killed money?

    I'm not following the questioners logic here. Did the US bomb the people in question, if yes then you got something to go with. If no then it should be the other members of that terrorist organization/ the nation that birthed him/ the terrorists family who are made to pay.

  3. It's disgusting to hear that even an African immigrant/visitor with mumbled broken English has learned the Progressive New Speak for guilting Whites and demanding gibs. Black people from all over the world recognize the hustle. I hate White people who don't realize that we're being played for total gullible fools.

  4. The Recession no longer 'identifies' as a recession…🙃 Politicians & talking heads on TV have officially declared it so.🦄 I wonder what it's pronouns might be?🤔 Perhaps Mandela farted again?💥 🤯

  5. It's still weird to me that a basic, compassionate statement like "all lives matter", was decided to be racist.
    "Oh you're saying black lives matter too, because they're included in 'all lives matter'? OMG you're so racist", what?
    No, I know their dumbass reasoning. Just how that was generally accepted as some kind of logical reason to oppose compassion is just… utterly bizarre.

  6. Besides the crap out of John Kirby, WTH, is questioner asking again… Because the US government compensated US citizens for these terrorist attacks, why weren't the citizens of Kenya & Tanzania also compensated?. The entitlement to US taxpayer dollars has gone global. SMDH.

  7. 0:58 "He was a killer." So we can expect the same for Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Fauci, and all the political miseaders, doctors, scientists, etc., who went along with the coup-vid creation, release & injections?

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