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  1. Did you know that Ukraine has to pay the US back for the weapons they've received so far, or that's what I heard on a site I can't pin down. But that makes it pretty bad for the average Ukrainian , especially with Zelensky getting every ounce of fight out of them

  2. Hi everyone! When I was a child I was wrongly – informed that Europeans used to take a bath🛀 once a month. At that time I 'd like to have been a Eurupean. I hated taking two or three showers a day. I used to cry 😥a lot. Good childhood memories with my caring mother.👩‍👧
    I hope everything goes well and the Europeans take their daily showers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I'm sure President Putin does it besides practising his sports⛷🏊‍♂️ 🏋️‍♂️
    See you!

  3. This is the price Germans have to pay for Ukraine to become broken up into small privatized parcels for sale to the highest bidders! These people won't be able hide deep enough underground once the truth seeps out!

  4. From the philippines here, there was a droubt somewhere in the southern part of my country when there was an actual power crises beside terrorist attacks. Scheduled brown outs, black outs from your terms, was immense and took likely entire season (6 months, and more) to back the power up again in 2011. After the power finally restored, it took about more than a year or so to keep up that painful schedule. I don't know what to say about trade since ours were an actual natural causes.

  5. Poland is allowed to hate Russia. Russia attacked Poland with the Germans. Later removing the Germans doesn't make up for that. Finland is just being babies. History records them putting up a great fight. The rest are just weak followers of the greater powers in Europe.

  6. LOL It's not even true that it has been a dry summer here in the southern part of Norway. There's been more rain than usual. Also up in the mountains where our magazines for hydro power are. But they're selling the electricity to the EU and UK as fast as the magazines fill up because of the high electricity prices. Which means that there can never be enough rain anymore here, and prices are now permanently high, which has caused a number of businesses to topple. All in line with Klaus' Ze Great Reset of course.

  7. Gorden Brown, says 50% of the British people will be living in food and energy poverty. Is the 1% going to pay 99.9% tax to keep 35 million British people in Debtors' prison? We are heading for a Charles Dickens style economic depression. Queen Victoria, got Britain out of that Depression and make, Britain, the Greatest Empire the World has ever seen, by spending Big on the poor.

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