Oh September! Just The Start And Nowhere To Hide…

The markets are now sliding into September – always a weak month, and seasoned investors like Jeremy Grantham are calling it, more slides ahead.

When you look at what the FED has said, it is highly likely – that is until (if) they change track (again). Until then, there is simply nowhere to hide.

Note, they have provided no explanation of why they got past calls so wrong, so why should we believe them this time?

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  1. The Fed is working to reduce the insidious tax that is inflation.
    Govts don't mind inflation, but folk hate it.
    Growth recession wont hurt anyone.
    Australians are going to lose their super anyway as Albo splurges it on a harebrained bonus for the subsidy seeking, pseudo climate science profiteers.
    Climate change has opened and closed windows for 500 million years of recorded geology.
    Aztecan pseudo climate science sacrificed 20K victims a year, to nil effect!

  2. September is here and I sense we're in for more rough-and tumble. Scrambled eggs anyone?

    ‘Omelettes are not made without breaking eggs.’ Maximilien Robespierre

    Rumble Tumble
    by Frans Kuiper

    Let’s get ready to rumble,
    Old beliefs shall crumble,
    We're wiser and more humble,
    Life can be rough-and-tumble.

    No longer will we comply,
    Everyone is free to fly,
    Frequency vibration high,
    Wipe those tears and do not cry.

    We create reality,
    Lead never follow blindly,
    Embrace creativity,
    Good-bye negativity.

  3. Thanks Martin. Good report. Outlook globally looks bleak for next 18 to 24 months. Add in increasing affects of Climate Change and the colossal economic costs of dealing with increasing natural disaster remediation every passing year, and the world will be a very changed place in another decade. Buckle up Dorothy, Kansas is going Bye Bye.

  4. Please say hi to John Adams for me. He may be a bit out there but he fights like a bulldog for the general public against big government and corporate greed!

  5. Nowhere to hide indeed Mr. North. September is finally here. But I’m sure it is possible to disappear if your’e a Blues Brother and convinced you’re on a ‘mission from God’. Quest! Even Monty Python made a classic out of a quest for a Holy Grail. Quest!

  6. Martin with the petrodollar mortally wounded and the $US as the failing world reserve currency America is well on its way to becoming a 3rd world nation … one of Keating's banana republics. At that point I will take geart pleasure in not having to hear the US stock and bond markets and the lies of the latest incarnation of the Fed chair. Then I can die a happy man.

  7. A season ends and a new one approaches. Tigers, spiders and vampires are hungry for new blood but we can choose not to be frozen with fear. We are learning to trust our natural instincts as we follow our own intuition and common sense. We have learned that our eyes can deceive us. We do not trust our five senses alone.

    End of Season
    by Frans Kuiper

    Remember September,
    Money made from timber,
    Smart Larry Silverstein,
    Lucky Albert Einstein.

    Criminal mafia,
    Us lost in apnea,
    Truth behind thick curtain,
    Future is uncertain.

    Caught in webs built from lies,
    Spider preying on flies,
    Hallowe’en vampires,
    Evil old empires.

    Magic spell is broken,
    Words uncensored spoken,
    Wake up in September,
    From a deep long slumber.

  8. 1/3 of the (AU) population are going to find out what it is like to be in REAL and NOMINAL negative equity.
    My guess, a mass exodus out the exit door, problem is that there will be a mass of sellers and no buyers.
    Dear dear dear

  9. Salt, brine and pack the Westminster clowns into their nuclear submarines. Fire them off as torpedoes and enjoy a brighter future.

    Relying upon quantitative population growth agenda and rate tampering doesn't work this time around

  10. I'll sell tickets to watch Lowe jump off Martin place. If he don't jump we know he was just saying whatever the media needs to hear.

    Splash zone $2000 ticket

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