Oh Sh*t, It’s Happening

Joe Biden promised to halt federal contracts to union busters — but $10 billion federal contract was just re-awarded to Amazon while the company was crushing a union drive. #Amazon #Biden #Corruption


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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. I wrote a song to the music of an old song that I just heard “Born Free” from an ancient movie about lions. I call it “Ode to the Parasites: Banksters, Financiers, Fed leaders, and CCP cadres.” It is copyrighted, but these are some of its lyrics:

    “Born thieves, for thieving is easy, to cheat, to lie, and to steal,
    Born thieves, defrauding is fun, to lie, to cheat, and to steal,
    To steal, just kill those to defy you,

    Just bribe, to plunder, and rob,
    No matter what crimes you commit,
    You are free, with no prison walls around you,
    No matter what crimes you commit,

    Born thieves, for thieving is easy, to cheat, to lie, and to steal,
    You creep, and slink to steal power,
    Your money was as free as the grass,
    You are free, so your life is worth living,
    Sucking blood from all of your brothers,
    As you ruin the lives of the poor…”

    It goes on in a similar vein.

  2. I love to believe career politicians…but….Only Bernie and AOC, and a few more. That's it. I worked for Bernie's campaign in 2016, and I know the enthusiasm he generated and the media's effort to make his campaign look lame at best, and I knew then…neither party was for me. I believe our only recourse if non-violent revolution. Many people I know disagree and want violent revolution. They obviously have not learned enough from history to be adverse to that ideal.

  3. That is NOT — Joe Biden!

    Look at his eyes ..

    Look at his ears ..

    Compare with 2013 (and earlier) photos/videos of VP Biden ..

    That is an actor!

    That is an impostor!

  4. President Biden tells truth like a 2 year old with chocolate all over their face, claiming they didn't touch that cookie jar. I forgive the 2 year old. They don't have moral understanding until age 8. The id goes away. The president with shell corporations avoiding taxes has none of my respect. Well done, Mr. Brand.

  5. Russell, in light to the double speak our government is definitely carrying out in the video. Tomorrow is Labor day for many of us. Could you take into consideration speaking about the re-write we are experiencing right now where many of us have to go to work tomorrow instead of everyone getting the day off?
    Just food for thought my friend. Keep up the good work.
    two plus two equals five

  6. As it is Sunday, maybe we could start with what we already have locally. Churches. Traditionally we all true heartedly agree to study Jesus.
    If we are really earnest in making a better world, we can’t find a better example. There is a price to pay for this. I find it is worth it. Truth and Justice may not come Immediately. In the long run, therewill be a treasure worth seeking. So go to Church and make a difference.

  7. Russell, if you are going to do shows aimed at Americans you have got to tone down your English. Remember they speak American and struggle with any word made of more than two syllables or in sleepy Joe's case, any words at all.

  8. Pretty good form. Was watching some new Trump. He's a World class DJ. He's full of BS sometimes but he reads the room. hehe

  9. Cybersecurity is about as non-union as it gets. Once upon a time, Kaspersky was the king of the heap, but there's always some upstart ethical hacker who has to knock over the apple cart and found their own Cybersecurity company from the ashes. It's truly the most cutthroat industry. Today's Black Hat is tomorrow's White Hat as they're always in constant competition for lucrative contracts. The only way to make a name for yourself is to ruin your rivals

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