Oh Sh*t, It’s REALLY Happening

As the IMF, politicians and private sector discuss the move to Central Bank Digital Currencies, is this all leading to a brighter economic future for ordinary people or social credit system to control your every move? (…it’s the latter) #bitcoin #socialcredit #cbdc

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. This world 🌎 has lost its mind. OMG 😱😳 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵😵😫😫😩😩🥵🥴🥴. When this starts there will be so many breach's and scams going on . Omg it's going to be a sick nightmare. 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥴

  2. The PM's delivering it like a fun/explanatory sales pitch. Clearly not a man of the people…he seems to be a man bought and paid for buy special interests. Congratulations England!

  3. As a victim of identity theft the Worst offender to deal with is Equifax. You can’t get a live person on the phone. They want me to send my personal information through the mail to verify my identity! F@&$ credit! I want to use cash! I’m less inclined to play “the game” then ever. The people I feel the worst for are seniors who have no tech savvy. These people won’t be able to function at all in the brave new world. What if we all flushed our smartphones? What then? The implementation of CBDC would be next to impossible.

  4. Personally, I can’t wait for them to come out with CBDC’s.

    Money as it is, right now, is so damn annoying, and inconvenient.

    I go to work, then I get a piece of paper that shows how much money has been deposited directly into my bank account.

    I have several plastic cards that I can transfer money onto via an app with my bank, like my credit card.

    I can then order and purchase things online and money is withdrawn from my bank account via the plastic card.

    Then when I physically go to the store, I can just TAP my card to pay for items, without having to enter a PIN Code or anything.

    [Sarcasm 🚨 Alert] It’s super convenient the way the money system is setup right now.

    How much more convenient can it be with CBDC’s?

  5. Sorry, guys, but this is like the funeral at the end of “The Omen” when we see Damien Thorn survived. They’ve already won . Phase one complete, the pandemic has put the have-nots in the poor house and confirmed how easy it is to turn man against his brother. Now those guilty of wrong-think won’t be able to spend their own money. We’re the inconvenient generation in this transition period. My five year old nephew will probably just accept it. Doomed.

  6. Our money in banks is practically digital now anyway.
    You think that money in banks is real cash its just numbers in the account.
    Even gold isn't really available in real gold its paper gold.

  7. He thinks we are all morons. And I can understand why after the last two years. Why do people think Elon is wonderful? He was WEF young leader of the year 2008. He's for digital currency and controlling us with his brain chip technology. Who really thinks electric cars are the answer to everything? I wonder, who has a Tesla?

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