Oh SH*T, they’re doing it again and not even trying to hide it | Redacted w Natali & Clayton Morris

U.S. Border Patrol agents admit to downloading data from thousands of users’ mobile devices and keeping it in a database for up to 15 years. This database is available and searchable to the Department of Homeland Security and it includes uses’ face recognition, banking information, driving records, location data and more. Lawmakers want to revoke some of these powers and inform users of their rights.

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About Clayton Morris:
Clayton Morris is a former Fox News anchor. In Redacted, Clayton and his wife Natali take an in-depth look at the legal, social, financial, and personal issues that matter to you. They want to set the record straight and bring you the stories nobody else is telling. Along with the facts and the full picture, Redacted offers real-world analysis without an agency driven by corporate overloads. With Clayton’s extensive journalism experience, he isn’t afraid to demand the truth from authorities. Redacted is an independent platform, unencumbered by external factors or restrictive policies on which Clayton and Natali Morris bring you quality information, balanced reporting, constructive debate, and thoughtful narratives.


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Written by Redacted


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  1. Really that's been going on for years wake up they know every move you make if you going to telephone in your hand and if you have a record I guarantee you the government knows exactly who you are what you are that's just simple mathematic I guess you young people just figuring this out if you got nothing to hide don't worry about it

  2. ALL governmental agencies are 100% required to obtain a warrant to take your property. To say otherwise is to have absolutely no idea of the Bill of Rights and the founding principles of this once great republic.

  3. They've been lying for decades about veteran's PTSD. I know. My husband had to be unlucky enough for his Marines to draw the short straw in Viet Nam. 18 months instead of 12. If u have no medical records and they kill themselves 3 years later. the govt. says. "No Medical proof". Well, soldiers are proud and don't want to talk about things they saw or did. My husband was a helicopter gunner. The V.A. wouldn't give the widow (me) military connected benefits. U can join up and die anf the govt. won't care

  4. She would, that's why they (CBP) do this, Americans have forgotten the price of Freedom. this is sickening. You and everyone that does this are the reason our Freedom is all but gone.

  5. Well for this cases I have a old normal Nokia phone and put my mobile phone in the suitcase. So I am not travelling with QR codes whatsoever. Everything nicely printed out..

  6. How is it that these people can circumvent the constitution of this country when they are in this country? The laws of this country still apply and congress can make no law that violates the constitution for it is the law of the land. It appears they are taking advantage of ignorant people and using coercion to get people to comply and it also appears that they have no right to do this but are giving themselves this right to violate your constitutional rights.

  7. Isn't this a violation of the 4th amendment. No ground, no reason for this search violating your constitutional rights. Seizing your personal information with no reason. It's so wrong and I feel like we have no way to fight back.

  8. Personal data is one thing, but what if you work for a multi-nation company and you travel with your business laptop ?
    Where I work, we have strict guidelines on NOT sharing corporate or customer data with anyone..
    Are you supposed to unlock your corp laptop for these jokers ? What of something goes horribly wrong and they accidentally erase vital information.
    You you think they'll assume the responsibility for that ? No way..

  9. Once they searched my car . Took the Door panel off . Dashboard too ,seats, When they let me go the digital speedometer was off and they dismissed it like nothing..I asked for a supervisor and gave a sheet to file a complaint and an address to mail it . I did but never got an answer.

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