Oh, So Is THIS What They’re Up To?

As the war in Ukraine enters its fourth month, those who provide history and context around the conflict – from Chomsky to Tucker Carlson – continue to be silenced and smeared. But as sanctions on Russia only seem to be hurting everyday Americans, isn’t it time we had a real debate about the Ukraine war? #putin #biden #Ukraine

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. Mate u make me laugh when u do tht skitch about birthdays..but it this system is fucd up..its frightnen mate the way this world is headn…you and mick lynch shd run for politics..

  2. Sounds like Bush spruiking against the supposed evil of saddam hussein and his WMD. This is more self serving propoganda from the mouth of another american no matter who he represents. The world would be better off if people stop paying attention to american politicians. They are the the biggest con artists ever. IMO

  3. If we diminish the prospects of a deeper war how will we be able to sell more weapons? We would have to start another war yes? Hence the awakening that Afghanistan was lost pre2014 led the Obama admin to send Joe and hunter into Ukraine to stimulate our economy (for LMT and RTX). Sad but true. We backed Putin into a corner as he has done the same to us. Yet we decided to ensure we could modernize our weapon stock by selling our stockpiles to nato.
    This is all about our govt pawns kicking hornets around the world to sell more weapons.

    Thank you russel for the free speech advocacy. And Matt taibi is a rock star!

  4. Boris and Joe have visions of Ukraine being their Churchill/Roosevelt moment. Unfortunately, we have the defrosted neanderthal versions of them. This will never be their 'finest hour', instead they are going to go down in history as two of the worst leaders their countries have ever had.

  5. Well there's a bunch of hands in the cookie jar…..that's how it goes unquestioned. Financial industrial complex. The banks make what the weapons manufacturers make, plus interest.

  6. Old Rusty still doesn’t get it, he puts caveats about Putin being bad every time he mentions him which is what the narrative writers want from their dissidents, he does this even though he acknowledges that he has seen this pattern before in the treatment of Saddam. He also keeps implying that this is Putin’s war as if Russia does not have a complex and and layered framework of governance with many influential voices including public opinion, has he never heard of Lavrov, Medvedev, Shoigu, or Kadyrov. Does he not understand that Putin far from being seen as a Hawk, from people with a modicum of reality, is actually seen as going to soft and taking it easy on the Ukrainian military who to this day are shelling civilian towns and cities, yes Zelensky is ordering the killing of innocent people born in Ukraine and whom hold Ukrainian birth certificates for no military benefit. He understands that the MIC is a driving force of conflicts throughout the world yet he kind of backs up their talking points and I am guessing that is why he is not censored and in fact he is pushed up the YT algo.

  7. I think that dude is an alien… Yeah, an alien like out of this world… I wouldn't trust him.
    Hell, I don't trust anything coming out if MS NBC … Might has well been CNN

  8. Frontline of freedom..!!! What a F@#king joke the only front line of freedom is your front door…go home America take care of your own stop dropping a shit in the room and walking off and saying it doesn't stink…

  9. Thanks RB for your reporting. God Bless and keep the faith brother. I listen in to your videos daily. helps me keep a little bit of sanity each day. Dark clouds hanging over this pale blue dot in the universe 🙁 Serious spiritual warfare on this fragile planet.

  10. Its impossible to get the facts……at this time. But History provides clues. This is continuously going on. So much never makes the news. After the invasion of Poland….and the Nazi took the Low Countries. Many English…French…still wanted to deal with Hitler. They couldn’t…wouldn’t see what was going on. Chamberlain didn’t understand Hitler’s constant demands….he tried everything to appease him…thinking he was a reasonable person. He wasn’t the only one. And then…as today. There were those blaming the military industrial complex….or reminding everybody of millions of dollars in loans…still yet to be unpaid. There simply was no reason to go to WAR! There must be a diplomatic solution. Churchill’s First Battle……was with his own parliament. They simply didn’t believe War was necessary….and still offered peace feelers to Germany. Churchill would have None of IT! Only forced would remove Hitler…not negotiations…not sanctions…not the next German election. See? Same thing now.

  11. Russell you keep saying you are speaking against the current US Administration…”because they are in power”. Every time you say that I think where does he live? It’s not true! I’m not affiliated with any party and open 👂 . After yesterday’s Supreme Court decision and others not supporting what the people want, and a consensus of 6 conservatives, put there for this purpose, how can you say the current administration is in power? Not in my view.

  12. I happen to know a couple of engineers that work at Raytheon and I can tell you for absolutely sure the rank and file brains have a very definite cause Mantality, they thoroughly believe that what they are doing is necessary and right. It way on up the chain where your going to find the bombs & bandaids A-moral types. But I sure as hell don’t want another 20 year war; my grandson just got out of Marine CorpsBoot Camp.

  13. Yeppers, I think you're turning into a Republican 😂 you finally figured out that the wars are mostly brought on by the DEMOCRATs… Yet they call the Republicans the War mongers 😂 😂 😂

  14. Some points her are valid. But listening to tucker Carlson? Really? That guy spews more nonsense and baseless conspiracies than facts. His business model of profiting off of creating outrage and division is a detriment to usa.

  15. If it had been Trump saying that America shouldn't be involved or funding this war, imagine the accusations of 'taking America back to its pre WWII isolationist stance'. In fact, those were the accusations made earlier in his Presidency to much tut tutting from the globalist clever class. Apparently his isolationism was a danger to world security. In general, Trump was reluctant to involve America in protracted wars that cost them financially or in American lives. And why should the world look to America to keep footing the bill to the detriment of its own people? Expectations needed to be reset that's for sure. Trump was happy to sell Ukraine weapons for them to protect themselves or as deterrent. Didn't Ukraine give up its own nuclear weapons on the understanding that if Russia moved aggressively, the EU/UN etc would come to their aid? If that is true, then letting them down now would be the ultimate betrayal. Maybe they should have been allowed to keep their nukes to deter Putin? If they do get through this I wouldn't be surprised if they go down this track again.

    How do smaller countries deter big bad actors? I'm in a part of the world where our greatest threat is China, and it's systematically showing its teeth in this regard. Building and militarising islands and taking deep water ports in the Pacific islands – for naval ships that could then reach us. China isn't doing this for the fun of it! We can't defend ourselves. Should we simply accept the inevitable and the prospect of a future life on our knees? Fortunately we are part of a treaty with America, and that's possibly the only thing stopping Xi. Like the Ukrainian people, I have no doubt that if faced with a similar fate, I would fight to!

    Should England have got involved in the war with Germany in 1939? Many said at the time it shouldn't. Would Hitler have won in that case? What would life look like if that war hadn't been fought? It's easy to be anti-war when the prospect of being in one is remote.

    Once again, how do we deter the Xi's or Putin's of this world? There have always been and will always be Xi's and Putins.

  16. I wasn't listening but reading subtitles. Do I understand correctly that Russell sees Putin as a psychopath? Or, was that sarcasm? Certainly, Putin is not a psychopath. He may not be an angel but compared to any of the so-called western leaders he is pretty close.

  17. This is a proxy war between the west and Russia. The plan is to keep it going for as long as possible to weaken Russia, regardless of the human cost.. the lie that the west gives a toss about the Ukrainian people is the ugliest part of this.

  18. I’ve been suspicious since the very start. USA are the worst country of them all with their ‘do as we say not as we do’ attitude.

    In previous wars throughout history how many high profile people and celebrities visited active war zones using surface to air missiles just to congratulate the president on what an awesome job he’s doing 😂 Ben Stiller being the most recent one.🤡🤡

  19. How will we ever take this world back from the mad men that control it, seems impossible, people say Putin is the bad buy but I'm struggling to see how the Western collective power is not the problem in so many ways

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